Saturday, January 7, 2012


it's okay mama.
i consistently have to keep reminding myself.
i need to remember to keep breathing.

my macy.

and it pulls on this mama's heartstrings.
a lot.

friday night was her first father-daughter dance put on at the local high school.

i felt like i was getting her ready for a date.
holy batman.

thank was with daddy.

it was incredibly sweet.
he brought her some purple mums.
like a real date should.

(insert a tad bit of jealousy here...just a tad)
she hung on his arm.
kissed on his cheeks.
told him how much she loves him.

he doted on her.
opened her doors.
treated her like a lady.
like a real date should.

they danced.
and danced some more.
to every song.
as much as she wanted.
and closed out the dance floor.
like a real date should.

because he's a gentleman.
and she's worth it.


  1. Oh Joni, this made me tear up...I don't know much of anything about daddy/daughter love but man oh man these pictures say so much <3 I can't wait to see my sweet girl grow and watch her relationship with her daddy blossom. I pray it's just as sweet as Maci & Steve's <3 I love this post!

  2. Well, how stinkin cute is this post? An aweful lot I'd say.