Thursday, February 23, 2012


i knew this day would get here sooner or later

the one where i get all misty (i've warned you lots and lots about these happenings)
except this time it's not over my own children (so-to-speak)

you see...
before i became a mother, a real mother that is...
i had this other family
these other kids
that i dotingly referred to as my own.

they were called MRS. LLOYD'S 3RD GRADE CLASS
and i loved them.

they were my first-ever class.
the first minds i would get to help mold.
the first report cards i would write.
the first little people i would have the privilege to watch grow up.

here are some things i remember:

i remember breaking eggs on the first day of school.
teaching them that our words and our actions are synonymous with breaking eggs.
that we have to take care of how we use our words.
how we treat our friends.
because breaking an egg is messy, hard to put back together,
and can never be fully repaired.
so take care in the first place.

i remember fun-fridays and purposely stacking the minutes earned so that we could 
do something really cool.
did they really think getting their backpacks zipped up and their tables cleaned off should earn them 15 extra fun-friday minutes?
come on.
but cooking pancakes in the classroom was hysterical.
and having a water balloon party was pretty top-notch too.

i remember practicing for the pine-needle festival.
a lot.
and being so sick of whatever poem we did that i never wanted to hear it again.
i don't even remember what it was called... i've blocked it out.
but we had fun, right?

i remember bribing a field trip to my parent's coffee shop
if we could master counting change.
it worked.
they were masters at the cash register.
and official hot chocolate professionals.


and...i remember the last day of school.
the lump in my throat.

i remember their first day of fourth grade,
and me crying in the teacher's room watching them play on their new playground.
(serious issues here people...i'm a crier...if i'm happy, sad, or even super excited. it's how i roll)

i remember seeing them at a soccer game and being greeted with the same ole' "HEY MRS. LLOYD!!"
and how it warmed my heart that they hadn't forgotten me.

i remember thinking that the song "I Hope You Dance" was popular on the radio
at the time and it reminded me of them.
i remember signing my resignation papers two years later, after Macy was born so that I could stay home to be her mama and wondering if I would ever want to teach again.

i remember the first time i had a friend request on facebook from a former student and
how suddenly my role had shifted.

i remember being outgrown.
(they were practically taller than me as 3rd graders, so it didn't take too long, really.)

i remember thinking that reminiscing about my first 3rd grade class growing up would be
really silly.
and that people would think i was silly.
who gets misty over their old students?
i do.

because they were more than just my students.
they were a part of my family.

so think i'm silly all you want.
i've decided it doesn't bother me.

because, lucky am i that i was affected by them too?
how lucky to have such happy memories...

and see them growing up.
people who will affect and change the world.
people i cheer for.

tonight i was a spectator at our local high school basketball game.
3 of my prior students took to the court tonight.
2 of them seniors.
i sat in the stands and screamed and cheered and felt super-super proud of their efforts.
they won.
i felt like i was watching celebrities as i whispered to Macy (he was in my 3rd grade class!)

so if you're reading this class,
know that you left quite an impression with me.
you mattered to me.
and you still do.

i feel lucky to have taught you,
humbled to watch you grow,
and happy to see what talents and gifts you offer to the world.

so, i offer early congratulations to the class of 2012.
this tassle-turning event is special to my heart.
and, at the risk of sounding uber-cheesy (because you know i am)....

...i hope you dance.

mrs. lloyd

Thursday, February 16, 2012


i'm practicing gratefulness.
sometimes that's really hard for me to do.
especially when they are running around the house
making messes...
fussing at each other...
and saying "no" to naps.

but today i'm practicing gratefulness
for the times they show love to each other...

the way she lets him snuggle her shoulder (he's a cuddler!)
the way he lets her be in charge (she bossy like her mother!)

for spiderman blankets.
for picture memory books to reminisce over.
for cameras that work when you need them to.
for our health.

for the time right now while they are little.
because, *sigh*...
they are growing up way too fast.

so i'm practicing.
a little more and more each day.
it sure seems to be helpful...
when i'm feeling a little funky.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a wee bit o' luck

i usually decorate for christmas.
a little for halloween.
barely at all for easter.

this year i decorated for valentine's day.
and by golly...wouldn't cha know....i actually liked it.

it felt festive.
and that was neat-o.

so why stop at love?
let's go all in and go for luck, i decided!

so this morning i decorated for Saint Patty's Day.

and suffice it to say, it's deas. (nice in irish)

zach and i made a shamrock banner.
i cut out the stencils and stuck them to a piece of paper with painter's tape. he painted around them.
i love how perfectly imperfect they are.

want to print the "lucky" poster? you can. find it here.

sweet birthday gift kit

we love birthday parties.
sometimes i get really stumped on what to give as a gift.

this gift was really fun to put together,
and i'm pretty sure it won't get shoved in the
back of the closet.

Here's the kit:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

st. patrick's day free printables

happy valentine's day friends!
so why isn't this post dedicated to love and all things red and pink?
because i'm over my valentine's decorations and i'm movin' on baby.
i'm ready for a little green in my life.
a little luck.
a little love of the irish.

so i'm decorating tonight after i gorge myself with chocolate.
...after i recover from my love hangover.

and i'm welcoming the month of luck.
because really.
we are lucky.

what do you feel lucky for today?

here's a free printable.
it's sized an easy 4x6.
right click. save. print. enjoy.
please leave me a comment and show me how you displayed it in your home!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

too powerful

Zach helped me clean his room this morning.
He's wonderful like that.

While cleaning, I noticed his headphones looked a little "broken" on the floor.

Me: Hey buddy, what happened to your headphones?
Zach: *deep sigh* Um, actually they are broken.
Me: I kinda noticed that...that's why I wondered what happened?
Zach: *tsks his tongue* Well, I think I can fix 'dem.
Me: *nodding*
Zach: I think it's just because I'm too powerful.

Me: *sprints to the bedroom to grab camera*

Zach: See mom. Easy squeezy rack-a-peezy. (he refuses to say lemon-squeezy so he made up his own)

I love my super-helper-too-powerful-son.
He delights my day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love you like...

love is in the air!

freebie printable here ... right click the image and save to your computer. it's sized for 8x10 and free for personal use only.  Put it in your favorite glass frame and write on the glass over and over again about how much you love your sweetie!  Use a wipe-off marker or a sudz-free marker (the kind they use on cars before you enter the carwash)...

please leave me a comment about how you plan on using this printable...or send me a link of how you used it! Thanks!