Thursday, February 9, 2012

too powerful

Zach helped me clean his room this morning.
He's wonderful like that.

While cleaning, I noticed his headphones looked a little "broken" on the floor.

Me: Hey buddy, what happened to your headphones?
Zach: *deep sigh* Um, actually they are broken.
Me: I kinda noticed that...that's why I wondered what happened?
Zach: *tsks his tongue* Well, I think I can fix 'dem.
Me: *nodding*
Zach: I think it's just because I'm too powerful.

Me: *sprints to the bedroom to grab camera*

Zach: See mom. Easy squeezy rack-a-peezy. (he refuses to say lemon-squeezy so he made up his own)

I love my super-helper-too-powerful-son.
He delights my day.

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