Monday, June 25, 2012

and there you have it.

every time we drive to the coast i take notice of the giant sign on 41 and American Ave.
CHERRY AUCTION <---------------------- Tuesdays & Saturdays
I love me some farmer's market.
And I get giddy over a fantastic yard sale.
Fair food makes me salivate at the thought.
So I did what I always do this time of year.
I put it on my list.

According to the website, Cherry Auction is all that, and more.
And Kopi is the spokesperson for them!
So of course, I believed the Hawaiian shirt-wearing weather guy, pretty sign, fun name, and left with "high in the sky" hopes.

(insert visualization and memory recall here...)
you know how you felt when you were a kid, 
and someone tied a balloon from a ribbon around your wrist...
and you go walking around all proud of your balloon, 
and then suddenly is pops and you're startled and then kinda ticked?

that was cherry auction for me.
in a nutshell.

it was booths and booths of the same dollar store junk.
more junk.
and then you turn an aisle...
there's more junk.
some produce (nothing to brag about here...)
birds, chickens, turkeys, roosters, and reptiles.
ice cream carts.

and it was packed.
for reals.

i'm an over-protective mama-freak.
and i don't like big crowds.

so, we lasted about 40 minutes 
(we ate from a taco truck too).

but, i set out what i intended to do.
try out the cherry auction.

i left with a gorgeous flat of strawberries.
that part was swell.
we ate a popsicle from the ice cream cart, 
and finished eating it in the parking lot.

so it wasn't a total bust.
but i have no burning desire to hustle back there anytime soon.

and there you have it.

i am and i got to take home the strawberries, and the super hawt driver.

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