Thursday, June 28, 2012


i decided this morning that i'm going to try to work the word "superior" into my vocabulary more often,

i like the word fantastic.
but superior?
it kinda has the feel of the word "radical"....
so when someone says it you know just how off the charts their description really is....

so superior it is.
see kinda rolls off the tongue (not really but we'll pretend like it does)....

yesterday was superior.

checked another one off the summer list!!!

most people take the Amtrak train when they visit...
we decided to take the hour and 45 minute drive south....
for ice cream.

We drove 1 hour and 45 minutes for ice cream.

Let me just say IT WAS WORTH IT.

If you have never been....go.
Plan to spend some time in good old downtown Hanford.
We didn't have as much time because we had errands to run back in Fresno...
but if YOU go....stay and play a while.

Macy got to invite a friend along...
it was so much fun.

Ice cream makes everything right in the world.

It makes it so right, I got a phone call on my way there to schedule my flooring!
They are going to install Friday!
I'll get to be there for the install!!!
(my inner control freak squeals with delight)
Thank you ice cream for making that happen. (chuckle)

 the kids got bouncy balls from the quarter machine inside and spent quite a bit of time chasing them around the park.

 then we made wishes in the fountain.

 when you spill chocolate ice cream on your shorts, 
and it looks like you had an accident in your shorts, 
you get matching outfits because it's super cute to be the double-mint twins and do everything the same.

i am and i drove a long way for ice cream. it was superior. literally.

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  1. TWO hours for ice cream? Wow..that is crazy. It must be totally awesome. Whoops, superior.

    Love the matching dresses.