Wednesday, June 27, 2012

you put the lime in the coconut...

isn't that what the dr. ordered to relieve this belly-ache?

actually. i know where the belly-ache is coming from.
it's called stress.

and today, I can thank my dishwasher for that.

a few weeks ago something dropped in my dishwasher on the round heating element inside during a cycle.
the melted object created a hairline crack in the tub of my machine, and a leak ensued.
puddles of water and laminate don't seem to be friends.
they don't have playdates.
not amicable with one another.
double fantastic.

i have laminate that stretches through my living room entry-way, kitchen, into my dining room, and down the hallway.
7 year old laminate.
cheap box-store laminate.
laminate that can't be "matched."
did i already say, "fantastic" in a super sarcastic way?
just checking.

now we have our first ever insurance claim.

i should be excited, right?
i'm getting new flooring!

truth be told?
i am.
i'm giddy.
we're going to be the proud new owners of some gorgeous new laminate flooring.
(because hardwood is waaaay outta our price range, i refuse to do tile or aggregate, and who puts carpet in the kitchen?)

but also.
i'm having serious stress.

getting new flooring in such a large space is a "hecka-whole-lotta-work."
(that's one word in case you were's an adverb)
it means moving furniture out.

we are saving some money by moving it ourselves.
....and did i mention we are also removing the old flooring?

did i also mention that they are supposed to be installing the week that I leave to go to Macy's dance competition in Vegas?
so i won't even be here...
double ugh.

the control freak in me is just having fits.

so last night Steve and I moved out 90% of the furniture.
and this morning my dad is going to remove all the old flooring.
that means, in a few hours...i'll be walking around on sub-floor...
oh joy.

I decided to take a picture of what my morning looked like.
please don't call the looney-bin...
this is how i process and handle my stress...
i have to sit neck deep in it so i know where to turn next.
it's a little like defensive driving.

here's how the room looked before moving out furniture.

and because i have no furniture in the room now...
this is where i sat this morning to drink my coffee.
on top of my kitchen table.
 ps, these are the softest most comfy pj pants in the history of pj pants. 
don't judge.

so i have some advice for you regarding dishwashers and laminate flooring.

#1: get a dishwasher with a stainless-steel tub basin. they are a bit more money, but there won't be any tub leakage.  bosh also makes one that detects a leak and automatically shuts off.
#2: do not buy laminate flooring that has a satin finish. leave that for paint on the walls. satin finish floors SHOW EVERYTHING. i'm talking about sweaty feet...the whole shebang people. no satin finish. take my word for it.
#3: use your insurance when you need it. that's what you pay for.

and...i have some advice for myself...

this is so tiny in the scheme of stress....
so tiny.

i am and i've perfected how to make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

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  1. A. That does NOT sound fun.
    B. Yay for new floors though!
    C. I would totally wear those jammy pants.
    D. I am more struck by the cleanliness of your kitchen space and was a little distracted for a moment when your post said I was supposed to be focused on the flooring. Uh, mine is so NOT that way at the moment.