Sunday, July 22, 2012

flippin' pinterest....

Officially, it's called the "SNOWBALL EFFECT."

Take one open-ended idea
...and it snowballs.
picks up speed and takes on a life of it's own.

Unofficially, it's called the "PINTEREST EFFECT."
The results are pretty much the same.

A few months back I started pinning all of these ideas
for Macy's 7th Birthday.

All the color possibilities of the rainbow.

And while I love, love, love PINTEREST,
I also loathe, detest, and dislike PINTEREST.

It's too much.
Like, I seriously get a belly-ache of fullness after spending a few HOURS browsing.
A Pinterest-hangover of sorts.

with a little self-control
(and i stress little, because i had very very little self-control)
I pulled off a 7TH BIRTHDAY ART PARTY.
for my darling little artist.






 art lesson

face painting.

Friday, July 13, 2012

we're like peanut butter and jelly

we go together.

you might be wondering whom i'm referring to.

one of my favorite friends.
who i turn to when i need a quick attitude change.
an instantly gratifying...make everything-right-in-the-world-quickly kind of friend.
really knows how to weather a storm.
really, she has so many shades to her personality it's electrifying.

a friend i can count on to see me through to the end.

love her.
her name is EDEN.




and she only costs me around $3.50!!!

Last year during my momy-vaca with my dear sister-in-law I spied a fantastic table at the Starbucks on the Central Coast.  It looked so easy to make...and it looked like exactly what I wanted on my patio.
We used to have a huge Costco table that had a stone top and only 6 chairs would fit around it.  It took up a lot of space and wasn't what we (I) had envisioned for the space.
We found it a new home (my inlaws) and I set out to build the perfect table.

I started with 3, 8 ft. redwood boards, and 3 2x4x3's (for the underside) from Lowe's.  
They cut them on-site for me.  
I also purchased two IKEA table legs ($30 bucks or so shipped)
...and all the necessary hardware to secure my table.

Next, I borrowed some tools for my dad to make the holes so that the bolts would sit flush (or lower) than the table-top.  After the holes were drilled, Steve helped me hold everything in place while we tightened the hardware to keep it together.

I noticed the boards were a little heavy and wet when I drilled them, so I let it sit for about 5 days before doing anything else to the table.  Hopefully it won't warp. :)

After the table-top had sat, I soaked in a mason jar overnight apple cider vinegar and two steel-wool scrubbers with the lid on.

In the morning I brushed on the stain with a paint brush and allowed it to soak in really well.
After it dried, I put on two coats of polyurethane to seal the table.

Up next on my list: Chairs.
I really wanted chairs that could stay outside and not get totally screwed up.
I also refused to pay a lot for chairs.
Lucky for me, my dad's "collection skills" have come in handy.
12 ugly.
(not ugly so says my dad...i hurt his feelings with that here are some new adjectives)
standard, taupe, blah, sparkle-less, 
pizzaz-less, did i mention standard
i don't do standard...i often equate it with ugly. but these aren't ugly, just standard. metal. folding. chairs.

 After a good washing, it was time to call on one of my best friends, Miss Eden.  She's great, huh?

 I have 12 chairs sitting around it in the same space that used to hold 6.  
(Really it's two too many...10 fits perfect, 12 is just too squished.)

This entire project cost me approximately $160.  ($100 for wood/hardware, $30 for table legs, and $30 for stain/poly/spraypaint)

i amand last night my feet were green and I looked like kermit.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

promises promises

7 years ago we built our home here at Lloyd Mountain.

I remember making a vow that we would sit out on the porch on summer nights and drink lemonade and admire the sunset.

In all truthfulness, I cannot remember a time that we have ever done that.

We have a drop-dead gorgeous view of Fresno.
The sunsets are spectacular.

We often stand outside and take them in...or watch from the dining room windows.

Rarely do we sit, breathe, drink lemonade, and unwind in front of this beauty.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. We have two spirited Labs who think it's cool to lay all over you when you sit down.
2. Sunset time is usually right around my kids bathtime.
3. Having a clean kitchen before bed has somehow crept into my MOST IMPORTANT LIST OF THINGS TO DO, and watching the sunset hasn't made it to that list

My intentions are always sounds wonderful.
Making the time to do it has been challenging....and downright sad.

So I put it on our Summer List.

My darling Macy has been reminding me just about every night....
so finally last night...
we made it come true.

And I can't WAIT to do it again.
It was nice.

 would love to recommend an awesome app to everyone.  It's called "SkyView"  You can find it here.
You point your phone up to the sky and it shows you what you are looking at.  If you click it, it gives you info about the planet, constellation, satellite, telescope etc.  Awesome learning tool.  
Works during the day too.

i amand next time i'm making fresh squeezed lemonade.

Monday, July 9, 2012

there ain't no place like super mario land....

macy and i just returned home from las vegas.
we were there from monday thru thursday.

we were there to participate in KAR's National Dance Competition at the MGM Grand.
it was really fun to spend some time together, and travel with our dear friends, the Chrismans.

we enjoyed seeing the sites, trying out some new restaurants, and preparing for the competition.

you should know, there are no coffee pots at the MGM Grand.
Should you be addicted to coffee like i am...
(literally i walk out half asleep each morning at home straight for the coffee pot first) will soon find out this is a major issue.
you have to get up, get DRESSED, go downstairs, walk, and walk, and walk, until you find a Starbucks.
Wait in a Disneyland long-line....
and order your $4 coffee.
Really Vegas?
You're that hard up for money you can't offer me coffee?

Regardless of my caffeine issues,
we managed to have a pretty good time.

here is a photo story of our adventure:

congratulations to Studio on the Hill and Super Mario! for their wins! National Top First Place, 13th High Point (out of over 40 other teams), and Special Judges award for Creative Use of Skills.

i am and i am officially a coffee addict.