Sunday, July 8, 2012

awwww real.

that's my best gangsta' talk.
(insert nodding of head and a slight elvis lip curl)

we are lovin' summer around here and checkin off stuff on our summer list!!
we made ice cream recently and according to Macy, it was the BEST.

I had some cherries that were on their last leg, so i pitted them and made a delicious cobbler to accompany our ice cream.

we got this ice cream machine a few years ago on sale at Walmart.
It's very easy to use.

The only drawback I've come across so far in making our own ice cream, is that my freezer doesn't produce quite enough ice to make ice cream and have any ice leftover in the freezer for drinks.
We end up using it all and then spend the next few hours ice-less.

We super enjoyed our ice cream, and so did our flooring installers who were at our house until 9:30 pm last Friday night and they STILL AREN'T FINISHED because they overcut and ran out of materials.
I'm a sharer.
What can I say.

So we continue to wait for our floors to be finished.
I will post more on this once they are complete and I'll reveal the beautifulness that they are.

And, we might just have to make some more ice cream to celebrate!

 (check out my amazing volunteer tomato plant taking over in the background 
happily growing with my blueberries.)
 (see, almost out of ice!!!!)

i am and i think i'm funny when i try to gangsta' talk.

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  1. you should try empying out your ice bucket in the evening and put them in baggies so you will have ice stored up for the next time you make ice cream!!