Saturday, July 7, 2012

Charlotte's Web

Top 5 of my favorite movies for sure.
I still cry at the end when Charlotte dies and all her sweet babies are born.
This, coming from the girl who still screams and shimmies when she sees a spider.

But didn't you always just love Wilber?
His gullible, innocent, and humble personality?
Terrible singer, and honestly a bit whiney for my liking...
But he was a likable pig.
Terrific in fact.

I always thought Fern was the luckiest little farmgirl to get to raise a pig and not have to kill it.
I've always wanted a pig.
I wanted my Fern moment where i got to cuddle a little pig, feed it pancakes from the kitchen table.
Give it a buttermilk bath.

The reality with most pigs, is that you raise them to eat them.
I love the idea of having farm-raised pork...
but the idea of killing a pig that i raise and take care of really bothers me.
I don't think i could do it.
I'm just being honest here people.
And then i'd end up with a 700 pound pig that costs me more to feed than my family.

Last year on my summer list, I wrote "get a pig."
It wasn't met with open arms by one mr. steven lloyd.
we didn't get a pig.
i got over it.

well the universe has a way of working itself out and making all of my wishes come true.

today we welcomed 2 pigs onto Lloyd Mountain.
A belated birthday gift for Zach and an early birthday gift for Macy.

....and Bowser.

I bet you can guess whose is whose.
 (please excuse the crrrrraaaaaappppppyyyyyyyy pictures. 
they are on my little point and shoot that is officially dying)

best thing about these pigs?
they are pets.
kinda like owning a dog.
they are full-grown.
(seriously...they pee and poop in a litter box thing...)
ours will be outside though, so we don't need the gross litterbox.

they love cheetos.
i kid you not.

they will not be eaten.

they are friendly, sweet, gentle with the kids...
and today...i felt like Fern.
It was rad.

i am and i am a pig owner.

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