Monday, July 9, 2012

there ain't no place like super mario land....

macy and i just returned home from las vegas.
we were there from monday thru thursday.

we were there to participate in KAR's National Dance Competition at the MGM Grand.
it was really fun to spend some time together, and travel with our dear friends, the Chrismans.

we enjoyed seeing the sites, trying out some new restaurants, and preparing for the competition.

you should know, there are no coffee pots at the MGM Grand.
Should you be addicted to coffee like i am...
(literally i walk out half asleep each morning at home straight for the coffee pot first) will soon find out this is a major issue.
you have to get up, get DRESSED, go downstairs, walk, and walk, and walk, until you find a Starbucks.
Wait in a Disneyland long-line....
and order your $4 coffee.
Really Vegas?
You're that hard up for money you can't offer me coffee?

Regardless of my caffeine issues,
we managed to have a pretty good time.

here is a photo story of our adventure:

congratulations to Studio on the Hill and Super Mario! for their wins! National Top First Place, 13th High Point (out of over 40 other teams), and Special Judges award for Creative Use of Skills.

i am and i am officially a coffee addict.

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