Thursday, August 23, 2012


i promise that at some point i will post other happenings on this blog.
by other, i mean posts that don't include:

*over-emotional, excessive rants about the passage of time.
*the breaking of my heart little by little as my kids grow.
*me, reminiscing about teaching 3rd grade.
*how this journey is going by wayyyyyy too fast....

i promise.
i will post other things.
just not today.

mostly because right now it's the start of school.
(although i can't promise i won't still feel like this come Christmas)
....and my handsome, charming, loving little Zach-"man-do"
is in his last year of preschool.
::look away::

so i outwardly make known to all those around me...
that i'm in denial.

don't talk to me about zach growing up.
don't tell me he's getting bigger.

i don't want to hear that you think he's "changed"...

or that you can't believe what a little "man" he's turning into.

i. am. not. amused.
for seriousness.

if he asks me to measure him one more time on the ruler growth chart in our hallway,
i might just turn it into firewood for the season.

because that's part of denial people.
removing the things from your life that show "proof"
...that time marches on.

so today, i'm documenting another "gulp" for me.
zach's first day of his last year of preschool.
i'll take suggestions on how to re-word that in my brain
so that it's a little easier to say to my heart.
pretty please?

...and eventually i'll hit the publish button.

i amand i do keep my promises.


  1. I wish I was up there with you guys and Rebelle was in class with Zach and Sawyer and we could all be sad moms together!

  2. hmm, I'm thinking since you two have such beautiful babies and so smart too, maybe you should add to your family? Enjoy this time, before you know it they are all grown up.