Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh good gravy....

It seems I've lost my remote again.

You know, the one I special ordered and paid prime shipping to get here stat.
The one that has the fancy "pause" thingy on it.
The proverbial "life" remote.

It's gone.
(insert cuss word here)

I thought just days ago that I had it.
I mean,  really I was feeling a little (cough) caught up.

And then this thing happened the other day.
I went to my mailbox.
I got all twitter pated excited because I realized there was more than just
"bill" mail in there.
More than just junk.
You know how you can tell when it's a good mailbox trip...
...when you can feel the nice paper stock of the envelope.
Shaped different.
A little weighty.
You know.

Excitedly I started flipping through to see how I had forgotten that
it was my birthday or something.

And it hit me.
I misplaced my remote.

My stomach flip-flopped. mind started to race.

The return addresses started making a pattern.
My former students.


My second class.
Graduates of the Class of 2013.
Holy Cheeze Balls.
Would you all just KNOCK IT OFF and STOP growing up!
This along with my ever populating grey hair is starting to make me feel really old.

I still feel the same.
When did they get older?

While I always get super sappy reflecting about my previous classes,
this class doesn't make me feel quite as teary.

It's strange.
Not because of a lack of love towards them...
Because believe me when I say, I seriously LOVED this class.
I'm over the moon PROUD of this class.

This class just got "it."
They were fun.
Eager to learn.
...did I mention fun?

That's what I remember the most.
They were up for anything...
and knew exactly how to tow the line in my classroom.
This class let me extend lessons, take the state standards one step further...
investigate...and turn lessons into games.
It was everything I imagined teaching to be.
They let me flourish.
This class is a special one.

A handful have given me the privilege of writing letters of recommendation.
A handful have trusted me enough to take their senior photos.
A few have invited me to their graduation parties.
A few still remember my birthday.
A couple still run to me and hug me and shout, Mrs. Lloyd!
A couple have switched over to "Joni" and consider me a friend.
One wrote me a note to tell me the scope of my influence.
One took my family out to dinner to shower my starry-eyed-athlete-son with love.
One wants to be a teacher, like me.
All I ever wanted to be as a teacher was influential.
I wanted more than awesome test scores and realized bench marks.
I wanted to be impactful.

At the risk of sounding completely cocky....I did it.
This class, these parents...let me be a part of their lives.
Cheer for them.
Pray for them.
Hurt for them.
Share joy for them.
Watch them succeed, fail, grow, and take on life.

So come Thursday, I'm gonna sit my toosh down in the stands for a second year
and feel proud.
I'm going to still see their little faces as they were at ages 8, and 9.
I'll watch them turn their tassels and embark on their next chapter.
...because they let me.

Go get 'em class of 2013.
I know you will.

I am Joni Lane and I loved teaching as much as I loved being taught.