Friday, July 19, 2013

2012 Rewind Part 2

Steve and I had the fabulous opportunity to visit Hawaii.
I was asked to photograph a wedding that to this day makes me "feel" aloha.
It was such a meaningful, full of depth, full of love-kind-of trip.
I will forever be grateful to have participated in this wedding.
Macy snuck some love notes into my baggage.
Made me super emotional each day to read.
Knew she was in good hands back home with Oma & Opa holding down the fort.
We are lucky.

 Enjoyed dining at Lava Lava Beach Club, twice.
Right on the beach, fantastic service and drinks.

 There were wild turkeys everywhere, along with goats!
Felt right at home.

 I have no idea where were were here, enjoying some delicious libation I'm sure.
 Was so excited to take a picture of this crabby guy. Thought he was so nice to stay there and not move for me.  Later learned he was actually dead.  That explains a lot.
 The turtles at Turtle Bay Sanctuary were amazing.  
It was an amazing place to be, words can't express.

 He was actually super annoyed with me taking his picture.  I could totally hear his voice in my brain  saying, "Joni, seriously. I'm just laying here, on my beach. Take your fancy camera lens and scram."

 We had a chance to hang out at the ceremony site a few days before the wedding.  It was breathtakingly relaxing.  Steve let me practice using a new lens that was on loan.
 This is why he is called Hottie Mc Hotpants people.  Arguably the best photo I have of him.  *sigh*
 And this is why I married him.  He's funny. Really funny.
 I also married him because of this....see? We fit.

 While the kids were well taken care of at home, and busy making special treats for Oma & Opa, we were........
 Fulfilling our bucket list....and ZIPLINING!  It was thrilling.

...and enjoying special times with friends, whose kids love chicken nuggets.

Aloha Kona, Hawaii.
And thank you again Yabsley & Shubin Families for making us part of yours.

i am joni lane and i believe in aloha.

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