Friday, July 19, 2013

2012 Rewind Part 5


We love Christmas time, and all the traditions that come along with the season.
A year ago, we received an Elf, named Marco.

 Marco the Exerciser.

 Marco the Shredder.

 Marco the Circus Freak.

Marco the Katniss.

 Marco missing the North Pole.

 Marco, the Polo.

Marco the Metro.

 Marco the Cirque de Soleil.

 Marco the Card.

 Marco the Swinger.

 Marco the VERY naughty.

 Marco the Hat.

 Marco the Reader.

 Marco the Flu.

 Marco the Jock.

 Marco the Van Gough

 Marco the Snowball Hurler.

 Marco the Brain.
Our Christmas Card

 Spending time with good family friends at their Trashy party. I captured the whole thing. Guns and all.
And one heck of a twinkie cake.

Walked Christmas Tree Lane with the Lloyd Family.

Surprised the kids with a trip to "How to Train your Dragon"

How they spent their first day of vacation.
 Macy at G.G's house for Christmas Eve Dinner.
Zach at G.G's house for Christmas Eve Dinner.
My Christmas morning breakfast table ready to go the night before. Love smooth mornings, especially Christmas morning.

Cookies for Santa.

G.G. playing dolls with Macy on Christmas Morning.
Awesome Christmas present from Grandma & Grandpa

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