Friday, August 9, 2013


Did you know TODAY was National Book Lover's Day?
Well, it is.
Also, did you know that I had a second interview TODAY for Library Media Tech at our sweet little mountain school?
Well, I did.
And it's ironic being that it's National Book Lover's Day, right?

They offered.
I accepted.

We will be exchanging vows on Monday.
I'm pretty excited about that.

Actually, if you have heard me talk about this job at all you will know that I'm more than a little excited.
My soul is happy.
I'm overjoyed.
(can you hear the race of my heart?)

Right about now something has clicked though in your mind.
Like, literally clicked.
Like .... click.... click.

Because you know that's what I do.
I click cameras.
And I love clicking cameras, believe me.

The hiccup with me and all this camera clicking is that it makes for
a rough family life schedule.
And I love my little family.

When this job became available something in me clicked.
Again, literally.
I fervently wanted this position.
My heart knew instantly, but I started wrestling in my brain.
I click cameras.
I love clicking cameras.
I've worked really really hard to build my business.
I've grown as a photographer.
Met incredible people.
Made lifelong friends.
All because I clicked a camera.

That's when I knew I couldn't put down all this clicking stuff.
Quietly I told my heart, "I can do both."
And I can, just not the same.

I'm going dive in to my new job.
Put my passions into creating a library that rocks kids socks.
Develop a community of readers.
Collaborate with amazing teachers.
Share a similar schedule with my kiddos and hubby.
And I'm gonna love, love, love it!
And every now and then, I'm going to click my camera.
I still want to capture your memories, and share in those milestones.
Just with more limited availability.
And I hope you will celebrate that with me and know
that I am following my heart's delight just as I always have.

i am and i'm willing to bet you sang a little Alanis Morissette in your head as you read the blog title...."don't 'cha think?"