Saturday, February 22, 2014

April 2013 REVIEW

This is why I wish I blogged more regularly.
I don't remember much of April.
If I blogged I would remember more details.

Here's what I do remember:

We played a lot of T-ball and softball in April.
Here Zachary and Stran are sitting in Grammy's car to watch their sisters play softball.  This is the game I missed because I was at a photo session and Macy hit a homerun. Boo.

We celebrated the Dodger's opening day full of hope for the upcoming season.

We took opportunities to hang out with friends and invest in time well spent as often as we could.
 We spent our last visit with my beautiful Auntie during her final visit to her castle in the sky, Innagotadivita.  I brought her some lilacs from our house, the best my old fashioned lilac has ever done. They bloomed like this just for her I'm convinced.

i amand I blog so I don't forget.

March Review 2013

March Review 2013

March was a roller coaster of a month.
I happen to adore March for many reasons.
#1- flowers are popping up everywhere, and there is so much green around.
#2- the weather is usually gorgeous with a few snowstorms here and there.
Yes, you read that right.
It's my birthday month.

I usually love everything about March, but this year was different and riddled with highs and lows.
Writing this now I thought would be easier, but it's not.
I thought waiting to review 2013 would be easier on my heart.
It's not.
Remember how I told you I wasn't impressed with 2013, and just wanted some goodness to come from it?
March started off terribly.
I have to write about it because it's part of our family story,
but oh how I wish it wasn't.

Those of you who know me understand my friendship and connection to my Aunt Karen.
She's one of my "people."
A go-to confidant, encourager, and friend.
March marks sadness in my heart because it's March that I learned of her terminal illness.
My Auntie was diagnosed with cancer.
The kind of cancer that gives you a timeline.
I hate cancer.

My birthday was low on my list of "good things happening" because March just hurt so much.
I knew I had New York to look forward to, but it seemed trivial compared to what was happening in our real world.  We decided to continue with our plans for New York because we knew that Auntie would want to hear all about our travels and that she supported a life that made memories and took advantage of opportunities.

A happy memory for me is Macy and Steve attending the Father/Daughter dance at school.
They are so cute together.
I was lucky enough to go this year too as the photographer for the dance.
It was so fun to see all the girls and their daddies or important guys in their life!

For my birthday this year I went with some girlfriends to a local salvage shop called Santiago's in the Tower District.  We found some awesome finds and my friend Sam made a a chair for my birthday to plant flowers inside. She's sweet.

For Saint Patrick's Day (the day after my birthday) we made some fun little cupcakes for Macy's class.
They were super easy and loads of fun!

Our New York was a giant review of what we did for most of March.
When we returned home from our trip, Easter happened to be upon us!
It was wonderful to come back home and then jump right into a celebration with family
to remind us of the Savior's gift to us.
Here's how we celebrated:

Steve started by reading the passage in the Bible from John 19.
Next, we started making our Resurrection Rolls.


 While the rolls bake, Steve reads John 20:1-18.
 The finished rolls.
 Opening the "tomb"
 The tomb was empty!
 For lunch we went to my parents house for an egg hunt and family time.
 Marland and Sito.

 Grandma Cookie came out to watch the hunt!

i am and I miss my Auntie every day.

Ski Week 2014

Our school takes a week off in February to celebrate President's Day and to allow kids a chance to ski at our very own local ski destination, China Peak.
They've been doing this since I was a kid.
I learned to ski through this program and it's awesome that my kids have the same opportunity.
Our school offers transportation, lessons, and rental equipment for a fraction of the cost of going alone.
We took advantage of one day this year.
Although the snow conditions this year have been lacking, my first time skiers had a fantastic time and can't wait to go again.
Thanks FES for making this possible for our kids.
Thanks to China Peak as well for offering this program.

i amand the bunny hill and I are still great friends.

The First Day of School 2013

This post is way behind.
I'm okay with that.

The first day of school this year was a huge transition for our family.

Macy started fourth grade in Mrs. Corn's class.
Zachary started kindergarten in Mrs. Blesse's class.
I started back to work in the library as Mrs. Lloyd, again.

 Zachary's orientation day at FES.
 Checking out the Cafeteria.
 His buddies Stran and Colton.
The three muskateers.
 His first REAL day.
There may or may not have been oodles of tears that day.
It may or may not have helped tremendously that I could be on campus
as a staff member to ease that transition.
It may or may not have been harder on me than him.
 Steve took care of the signage for me this year.
I loved that he stayed home for a few extra hours to see us all off.

Taking the mandatory videos.

i am and I'm happy to say that we are an Eagle Family.

New York, Day SEVEN

I'll admit this wasn't truly a "DAY in New York."
It was bittersweet to leave.
I was so deliriously happy with all that we had done.
The kids had been amazing.
Macy had toughed out her sickness.
We did everything on our list and more.
New York had been so good to us.

Sitting in the airport we reminisced about how lucky we were to have had such a fulfilling experience and talked about all that we wanted to do on our next trip.

New York, you've got a special place in the heart of the Lloyd Family.
Your culture.
Your history.
Your energy.
Your people.
We loved you New York.
Thank you.

Macy's favorite purchase (besides her I LOVE NY shirt)
was the book earrings she purchased from the NYPL

 My handsome traveler. 
 Zach was so proud of Roger.  He sleeps with him every night still and continues to talk about our travels in NY.  Macy in the background reading the book we bought her from the Tenement Museum.