Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas 2013 review

We started Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving.
The ever present problem of lighting the tree, and figuring out what gets plugged in and where...
Approximately 70% of our ornaments were at kid level this year.
I really liked it that way.
Our Elf came to visit again this year.
We like his antics too.
Our Elf "Ramo" started off with a bubble bath this year.
He quickly showed his competitive side by challenging other toys to a sack race.
And in true Lloyd fashion, popped himself some popcorn and sat down for a movie.
I addressed many Christmas Cards this year.
It's one of my favorite parts of the holiday.
I love reconnecting with families and getting cards to see what other friends 
and family are up to.
Life is busy, and I love this easy way to touch base.
Ramo helped decorate with snowflakes.
I sure hope our next elf learns to clean up after himself.
Ramo knows how much we love cards, so he decided to become one as well.
Fishing for goldfish was a family favorite.
Steve wasn't too pleased that Ramo was dipping into his Iced Coffee stash.
Remember how this year was the Christmas of Bitlayway?
This was the first of three pans.
Ramo tp'd the house the same day that the cat got into the house and ate 1/2 my pan of bitlayway.
Remember that story?
Ramo loves the kids. For reals.
I spent a little time each day before Christmas trying to decorate. 
Love Pinterest and free printables.
We made Rudolph and his cohorts to adorn my mother-in-laws table for Christmas.
Lots of help from my sister-in-law Heidi using the glue gun. 
She has oodles more patience for stuff like that than I do.
Remember, I'm a spray paint kinda girl.
I used the leftover pieces to make a nativity scene.
I had to explain what it was to a lot of people which made me not love it as much.
Christmas Eve morning we went to GG's to help decorate her tree and get her house ready for our celebration.  On our way home we found Santa's Reindeer in our yard feeding to get ready for a big night ahead.  We had three doe and one GIANT buck hidden behind the tree outside of my iphone range.
I love this old school coffee maker at GG's house.  Makes one fine cup of coffee.
 My brother Max and my mom getting the dishes going.
 This is how my dad lounges.

 My cousin Chad, his wife Katy and their new joy, Liddy Lou.
 Uncle Ron poured shots and we toasted Marland who recently passed at the beginning of December.
 My beautiful and strong Sito. My kids call her GG.
 GG got Macy some new cowgirl boots.
She was soooo excited!

 Steve decided to try everything on.
I love this man and his humor.
Plus, he's super handsome.

 Sito and I are twins.
We're so cute.

 The festivities continue over at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

 We host Christmas morning brunch at our house.
I love it because we can have a nice morning at home before we have to travel anywhere.
 The Breakfast Table.

Santa brought beards for Zachary so he could be like daddy.
I made two yummy yummy quiche for Christmas morning breakfast.

On our way to my in-laws for Christmas, the car in front of us bought my drink and a cake-pop!
What a wonderful surprise gift!

The kids patiently waiting to open gifts.

 The girls together. 
 Here's that handsome man again.
Playing on his phone.
 My kiddos adore Aunt Kristi.
We also celebrate her birthday on Christmas!
 Me and my coveted cup of coffee.
Do not mess with me.
 Uncle Steve reading to Elizabeth, Josiah, and Miss Macy-girl.

We pick names on the Lloyd family side for gifts, and this year I got Joe.
Yes, that's a beer belt.
Zachary's gingerbread house.
Our happy cards.
Seriously, the cards delight us.
And as quickly as Christmas went "up" came down the day after Christmas.
That's the way I like it.

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