Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's all good.

Recently I've heard and read an awful lot of rhetoric on both sides of the coin
promoting or dissing this new term "Pinterest Moms."

I've decided to comment because this is my blog,
revolving around things that happen in my life,
that I choose to record for the simple idea of having a yearbook for my family.

I've often explained that I print my blog at the end of each year into a book
and my kids and family spend much of their free time pouring through the 
book reminiscing about life...and all of its ups and downs.

I try to be fair and include most all of it, without publicly embarrassing my kids, husband, 
family or friends.
I leave most of that out.

I like to share my blog.
I really enjoy when people that I care about read my blog
and let me know how it touched them, inspired them,
made them laugh, or helped them connect.

I've shared recipes.

I share my joys.

I'm sad that there is a culture developing that
feels the need to tell me that sharing my joys
takes away from yours.

My intention is not to take away your joy.
My intention is to share mine.
I think happy breeds happy.
That's my personal philosophy.
I'm not asking anyone else to subscribe to that.

That's what I'm going to keep on doing.
You have every right to continue reading...or not.
I respect that.

But I'm going to keep trying to carve out time for my kids
to have joyful experiences.

I'm also going to blog about it, post pictures, instagram it,
and often brag to my family about how proud I am that
little old me had the ability to create something as wonderful
as them.

I might choose to devote some of our time to making cute Valentine Cards.
I'm not trying to out-do anybody.
I'm not trying to prove how radical I am.
I'm am however, trying harder and harder everyday to make meaning of this life.
And this is how I'm choosing to do it.

My kids, my husband...WE enjoy these things.
We choose these crafts, activities....
It's our time.

I think that we honor one another by allowing people to chose their joy.
If you don't spend your time/weekends/free time the same way I do,
that's totally a-okay with me.
It's ALL good.

Zach wanted to do a baseball theme for his cards.
He is getting sooo good at cutting!

 He even punched "most" of the holes. (His little hands got tired doing 24 of them!!)
 Macy went for a total Pinterest Find.  
Loved that it was a free download. 
 We found little baggies at the $$ store....$1 for 40 bags! Woop!
 She got such a kick out of writing her name "fancy."

i amand this is my life.

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