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New York, Day FOUR

Day FOUR of New York was planned by Steve.  While they may not have been all the things on his "bucket" did make for a very special day with lots of history and a real feel for New York.


March 23, 2013

#1- See the Statue of Liberty-We started our morning bright and early to take a Zephyr Cruise to see the Statue of Liberty.  We couldn't visit the Statue,  Ellis Island, or Coney Island as it was closed from the recent Hurricane Sandy.  It was under repair and would hopefully open by April or May of 2013.  We were still determined to see the The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, it would just be from afar.  I recommend that you check GROUPON before you travel anywhere as there are often great Groupon Deals for the destination you are traveling to.  We were able to find a Groupon for the Zephyr and saved quite a bit off the retail price.

We started off at the top of the boat.
Quickly we learned how FREEZING COLD it was up there, and you would not believe how
these tourists were acting.
I was seriously worried for the safety of my children as these other tourists (I understand that I am one too) began pushing and shoving to get pictures of the bridge.  I was certain they were going to knock my kids off the edge.  I grabbed my kids like a crazed person and bolted downstairs giving clear indications of my frustrations with my DAGGAR EYES, since clearly my english was not communicating well enough.  You need a clear picture?  Buy a postcard.
I don't care WHERE you are from there are certain human kindnesses that should be understood across the continents. Seriously, am I out of my gourd for thinking that?
My blood pressure was sky high and all I could think about was getting off the boat.
 The view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

 And there she is.

We finally found a corner of refuge.

I was happy we at least got some pictures of Lady Liberty.
When we finished the boat ride we were a little lost because the South Seaport usually bustling area was virtually a ghost town from the recent flooding.  Everything was closed down and under repair.
It was so sad to see the devastation from Hurricane Sandy.  You could still see the water line marks on some of the buildings where the water had flooded and now many shops sat with boarded up windows.
We decided to take a bus to our next destination.  Our kids were so happy to not have to walk again.

#2- Eat at a Famous Restaurant-  Steve really wanted to eat at Katz's.  I'm soooo glad we did.  Not only was it delicious, but seeing the history and culture of the deli was really so much fun. I hope you know what restaurant this is, but in case you're's from the movie "When Harry Met Sally"  There's a bit of shock when you walk in because you walk in where they give you a ticket and many people know the routine and how to order and so forth...we were lost and screamed "tourist" by the sheer panic we had in not knowing the routine.  Luckily Steve had a little inkling of what to do and finally announced that we wanted to be served at not go to the deli line.  It was PACKED.  (Which added to my bewilderment of what to do).  I know I looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

#3- Appreciate the History of New York: Steve found a great website during his research and decided that one of the best ways to have our kids (and us for that matter) understand the development of New York was to attend a tour of the Tenement Museum.  He booked a tour called "Meet Victoria Confino" and we were really impressed with what we learned by spending our time in this tour.  We couldn't take any pictures, but found the experience impressive and memorable.  We took on the role of newly arrived immigrants to New York, and we are led to the apartments by a teacher who thinks that Victoria Confino can possibly offer help offer ideas of how to adjust to this new life in America.  We interacted with her, asked her questions as if we were really immigrants.  We saw first hand the living situation and reality of the challenges of coming to this New World with nothing...

Our Victoria Confino was played by Maria Makenna
 photo credits by Tenement Museum

The heart of New York became so clear to me after this tour.  It made me realize what makes the essence of New York so palatable, so inspiring, so addicting.  New York was made by warriors.  Brave beyond any brave I've ever had to be.  New York is full of the gutsy go-get-em that intoxicates me.  New York became a full picture to me after having that tour.  I loved New York more.

 #4- Show off my Nails: Obviously this is a joke.  But I have to laugh as I go through my pictures and see how many shots I took trying to get a good picture for my friend Sam. I had to take another picture of my nails in the Subway.  Nobody looked at me like I was weird or anything.  I was in New York after all, stuff like that isn't weird. 

We headed back to our Apartment because we were seriously wiped out and tired from getting up so early to head to the Pier.  We ate our leftovers and took a fantastic nap.

#5- Watch as much as we can on Broadway- we totally splurged for Zachary and bought tickets to see "Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark."  All of the music was done by U2 and was really high energy.  Spiderman flies out towards you and there is a lot of acrobatic stunts that thrilled Zachary.  If I'm being honest, my most favorite part of the entire show was watching Zachary react to seeing Spidey.  The show truly lacks "Broadway" appeal for me.  I wouldn't pay that much for tickets ever again for Spiderman.  Wicked...yes.  Les Miserables, yes.  Was it worth it this time? Yes.

Stay tuned for day FIVE!

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