Sunday, February 16, 2014

New York, Day ONE

I've done two things on my bucket list so far.
-Zip lining (Hawaii)
-Go to New York

New York seemed like one of those things that would never ever ever happen.
I saved for New York on two separate occasions.
Then, I paid our property taxes with the money.
Then, I paid for tires...on both of our vehicles.
New York...someday.

One day in January Steve came home and said we should look into going to New York in 2013.
My tummy flip flopped.
He was being mean.
Do not do that to me, I thought.
I've had it ripped out of my grasp twice already...and I wasn't going to
be heartbroken again.
I laughed.
He looked perplexed.
Oh, what?
Not a joke?
(insert increased heart rate here and rapid eye-blinking)

We looked online.
Found uber cheap plane tickets.
And we booked them.
(You can't imagine the number of GLEE songs I was singing in my head simultaneously as the reality of this trip started to set in)
We found an apartment to rent in mid-town, near Hell's Kitchen district.
Hell's Kitchen=Bomb Food=delight of my heart.
We booked theatre tickets.
Reserved a car to pick us up.
Hold the phone Lucy, watch your cracker jacks...we're headed to NEW YORK!

And it came true.
We actually did it.
No chicken pox, or ear infections, or broken backs kept us from our itinerary.

I packed like a super-star.
Researched, mapped, and planned.

Here are a few of my favorite planning tips:

1) Each person got to have their own "day"- It made planning our adventures really easy because we focused on what would be special for that person....what would make New York even better for that family member...and we planned, researched, sought advice, and bought tickets accordingly.  I mapped it out beforehand so I knew if we could walk there, or if it would be a public transportation type of adventure.  This allowed me to manage our day appropriately with a 4 and 7 year old.

2) We only brought carry on baggage.  Checking a bag would have added hundreds to our plane tickets, so I made sure that our baggage was the right carry on size and planned outfits accordingly.  We also chose an apartment that had a washer/dryer in the unit so that made a huge difference.


Here are a few memorable moments from our first day:

1) While flying from Los Angeles to Chicago Zachary looks out the plane window and exclaims, "We're flying over MY map! It's amazing!"  (Zach has a huge school style map hanging in his bedroom)

2) It just so happened to be our driver's birthday that picked us up from the airport.  The kids were so sweet wishing him a happy birthday.

3) Upon arriving at our apartment, the doors were so clean that Zach tried to walk right through them.  He bumped his nose and immediately started crying.  The doorman was so proud of his clean doors and immediately loved Zach.

We didn't arrive in New York until late after 6:30pm and we were quite tired from our 3am wakeup to fly out of Fresno by 5:20am.  Although we were in the city that never sleeps, we decided to make it an early night so we would be ready to head out the next day on our adventures.  We walked through Hell's Kitchen District and found that EVERYTHING was packed.  We were stunned at the size of the restaurants and how many people could fit into such a small space.  They use every inch of space.  Notice my jacket hanging above my head.  We were packed in!  We ate at a place called "Pure Thai."
Zachary mowed through his food.  Macy was starting to feel under the weather and was battling a bad headache and some bathroom issues.  She was a trooper and stuck it out.

 (see's Zach's ouchie on his nose?)

 My friend Sam did my "New York" nails for me.  Sparkly of course.  My pointer finger is a tribute to the Broadway Show, Annie....and of course "The Big Apple"
 We've got the checkered cab NYC and Spiderman's web for the other Broadway Show we were going to watch.
We loved our little apartment right in Manhattan off of 53rd Street.

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