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New York, Day SIX

New York, Day SIX
This was a designed "Macy" Day.  It turned out to be a total blessing that we were able to check a lot of things off her list the day before because it ended up being an incredibly chilly rainy/snowy day and it kept us from wanting to walk around very much.


Macy's day started off with tickets to Harry Potter: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square.  We picked an early tour time so that we would still have the rest of the day to tour the city.  Macy had read a few books prior to our visit and is totally hooked on the books.  They don't let you take any pictures as you go through the tour.  I booked our tickets through American Express and it allowed us to have one tour "phone" to use through the exhibition.  You pushed in numbers as you went through and it explained what was in each display.  Much of what we saw were actual items used from the movies and set design.  It was really neat.  It was also chalk full of trivia and little known facts about the movie making.

In our research we learned that Discovery Center Times Square has a DC Cupcakes in their lower level food court.  This was high on Macy's priority list.  She watches DC Cupcakes on Food Network all the time.  Although she knew the owners wouldn't be at this little shop, she was so excited to actually try a cupcake.

Zachary had birthday cake and Macy has chocolate lava.

After the Harry Potter tour Macy and Zachary used some of their spending money to buy Bertie Botts Beans.  You never really know how they are going to taste, so of course the kids had to taste test them.
Results below.

My biggest New York regret is not having a chance to see Matilda.  I tried the whole time we were there to get tickets.  Macy and I are both giant Matilda fans. They were in preview and tickets were scarce.  I stood in line forever trying to get tickets that they "open up" the day of.  I couldn't get two tickets sitting next to one another so it was a no go.  I was so sad. Next time.

At this point it had started "snowing" and we were really cold from walking.
Not much further was the New York Public Library.
A must for Macy.
If you know Macy at all, you know that Macy is synonymous with books.
Chick loves to read.
That delights us.

The old phone booths inside the library.
The kids had never seen these before.
That makes me feel OLD.
We made our way to the Children's Library.
We could have stayed there all day.
It was warm, smelled of old books, and was quite full.
We found a corner of chairs not in use and spent some time reading.
It was a nice reprieve from the busyness of our trip.
Please read the inside page.
This is so Zachary.
He loved the fact that he found a book that said "fart" in it.
He's so refined.

This was obviously taken before I got a job as the librarian at our elementary school.
I have always loved books.
Books are important to me.
Standing at the New York Library Children's book section
full of rich history and so much potential for every child who visits there
gets me giddy. Seriously giddy. I wish we had stayed longer.
Macy and I found the Winnie the Pooh display in the Children's Library.
These are the actual stuffed toys that the book is modeled from.
You can't tell me that's not radical.
If you do tell me that's not radical, we can't be friends. ;)

After the New York Library we made another trip to the American Girl Store.
Macy decided on a mini doll and a Kit outfit. 
I was really happy she made that choice since we were so limited on suitcase space.

 The weather continued to get chillier so we went through of list of "must do's" and felt like we were really satisfied with everything we were able to do while in New York.
The regrets we had weren't attainable. 
(Matilda, Comedy show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Citibank Field)
We decided to head back to the apartment, do our last load of laundry and start packing up for the return trip home.  
Now, please don't offer judgments here I'm not interested in what you think about my cleaning habits.
I am fully aware that we paid a cleaning fee.
I know that's part of the package.
I can't help it.
I wanted the Housekeeper to have an easy day.
Additionally, Zachary and I like to clean.
Furthermore, it was a teeny tiny apartment so cleaning it was super easy.
He's going to make some woman very lucky someday.

Stay tuned for Day Seven!

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