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New York, Day THREE

Day THREE was dedicated to Zachary.
(one of his items happened on day FOUR, because of ticket availability)  


MARCH 22, 2013
Our day started out early in our apartment with cereal and french press coffee.
Having an apartment instead of a hotel was such a contributing factor to the ease of this trip that I can't imagine doing this trip any other way.  If you are planning a New York trip, take my advice and rent an apartment.

Day Three was full of exciting firsts for Zachary.

#1- Ride the Subway. Holy guacamole.  This is not as easy as you think.  This created a little snarkiness between Steve and I in frustration of which side of the street to enter the subway.  It matters. Ask the mean old subway operator how important it is.  She yelled at us, TWICE because we needed help and apparently weren't listening at her standards.  We felt stupid and lost.  Finally we asked another Muni worker and he explained how to enter from different sides of the street to go North/South/East or West. Thanks, kind sir.  

#2- Visit Yankee Stadium -We made our way to Yankee Stadium, only to find them doing a closed training day for their employees so NO TOURS.  
SOOOOO sad! was so cold. The wind killed us that day.  It's a cold like I've never felt in California.  Cold to the bone, super painful when it hits your face.  We all just tried to stay warm and positive.  The

 Luckily, the gift shop opened not long after so we were able to go inside and warm up there.  They also loved the kids and gave them each a free Yankee's pin.  Zachary later asked me if he had to "like" the pin since it wasn't a Dodgers pin, and would it be okay if he never wore it.  Yes son, it's okay that you are a die-hard Dodgers fan.

This was giant and overwhelming.  Give yourself oodles of time in one day, or plan to visit a different floor on each day.  This is the museum featured in Night at the Museum.  We were starving and spent a pretty penny in their food court.  You can bring your own food to have lunch, we just weren't that prepared.  There were tons of schools there too.  I figure this is pretty common and doesn't really matter what time of year you go, there are always going to be tour groups and schools.

 Zach was super frustrated that we asked him to pose in front of "early man."

 Steve then had him pose here, to which he made a colorful comment about women's anatomy very loudly and in front of other visitors. One of my favorite New York stories ever. That's my boy.  Honest and observant.
 Macy loves everything about rocks and minerals.  She was in heaven when we visited this floor of the museum.  We had to bribe her to leave or we were going to be late for our next adventure at the zoo.

 She also wanted to take her picture with every stinkin' rock in the joint.  She would strangle me if she knew I just typed "rock".....she's so much smarter than I am it's just sick.

 We thought it would be fun to pose like the displays.  I'm sure people in the museum questioned our sanity, but we were running on empty and even more empty and needed a way to keep the kids engaged and excited.... so enter "i can copy that"....

 I think this is my favorite pose of Macy's.
It makes me laugh every time.

 #4- Ride the Carousel in Central Park:
This was virtually empty.  We were the only riders.  Pretty special.  I'm sure it's busier at night and during peak seasons...but it was really fun to be the only ones on it.

#5- Visit the Central Park Zoo- Do your research before going here.  I did not.  Don't get me wrong,  this is a darling little zoo.  About the same size as the Santa Ana Zoo in California.  Small.  I thought we were going to the zoo from the Madagascar movie...and that we were going to get to see the lions and all kinds of zoo animals.  That's the Bronx Zoo.  That's a big zoo.  This is a small zoo.
 They did have a great little exhibit on the seals and they did a really cute show that we were just in time to watch.

#6- Eat Pizza
We used this super neat app while we were in New York called Seamless.
We were able to see what was in our local area and order via the app for delivery to our room.
The kids wanted pizza so we ordered them a giant cheese pizza and I ordered Indian Food for me.  That's the beauty of delivery.  Everyone can have what they want.  Believe me when I say this would be a number one reason that I would want to live in a place that offered delivery.
Not on the itinerary that day was a fever that attacked poor Macy.  She had been feeling punky for most of the trip.  We had chalked it up to jet lag and exhaustion from all the adventures we were participating in.  After dinner that night, she zonked... and zonked hard.  I sent Steve out to track down a thermometer, some gatorade, and tylenol for her.  We all needed rest and took advantage of the quiet.  Then the fear set in for me.  What is she got really sick?  What if this was that terrible H1N1?  What if she couldn't fly home...What would I do if she had to go to the hospital...what if, what if, what if.... so of course I spent the rest of the night researching hospitals, doctor offices, doctors who would come to the apartment, holistic doctors, walk in clinics, pharmacies in our area etc....  I was up every hour or so checking her temperature and praying over her for a quick recovery.  It's amazing what being out of your home element does to your fears.  This is NOT a worry I would like to relive ever again. Ever. Thanks in advance, God.

Stay tuned for Day FOUR!

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