Sunday, February 16, 2014

New York, Day TWO

Pinch me.
I'm waking up in New York.
I'm waking up in New York, and it's MY New York DAY!!!
We are sticking around close today, and everything on my list is within walking distance.
Long walking distances mind you.
But walking distance.

DAY TWO: MARCH 21, 2013

The day was blustery and really really cold.
#1  Eat a New York Bagel. (you'll notice that a lot of my list deals with food)
We walked down to the closest bagel shop we could find and grabbed breakfast.
Everyone seems to love these California kids and their super polite manners as the cashier at Pick a Bagel gave the kids some giant cookies.
#2  Feed the birds in Columbus Circle.  We brought our bagels, and ate breakfast in Columbus Circle while birds gathered.  We picked off crumbs for them to enjoy too.

#3 Go Ice Skating We skated at Wollman Rink in Central Park.  Owned by none other than Donald Trump.

 Macy was a natural.
^love the photo bomber in this picture.^

If you notice, there are no pictures of Steve skating.
I made him promise he would try it.
In all of our relationship I have begged him to take me ice skating because I have NEVER ice skated.
He has always quickly said, "NO WAY!"
Confession: He's terrified he's going to break his ankles and never play baseball again.
So, I insisted he at least try.
What an opportunity!
To have your first EVER ice skating experience in Central Park in NEW YORK!
He made it 1/4 way around the rink, slipped...his feet came out from underneath him,
bumped his head, and cursed me the rest of the day.
He held onto the side the rest of the way around (you aren't allowed to go the opposite direction) and took off his skates and called it quits.
He pretty much was ticked at me for "forcing" him.
Lucky for me, he finally got over it.
It makes for a good story though.

 #4- Stroll through Central Park-  We considered the horse drawn carriage, but I really wanted to stop and take pictures, and enjoy the tunnels and the feel of the park.

 I picked this bench to sit at because of what it said.  
I could picture these two old farts sitting next to each other, talking politics, love, work, family....eating hotdogs, reading the paper and doing life.  
"Alan Frank-Old Friend  We'll always sit on this park bench like bookends.  Love, Ira"
#5- Eat a Hotdog from a cart. Macy wanted to buy me a birthday present so bad this year (march 16), and I begged her to wait until we got to New York and buy me a hotdog from a cart as my gift.  What a sweetie.  She still wasn't feeling well, but bought two hotdogs for us all to share.
 This is in front of the Time Warner Center.
 Buying a hotdog from in front of Time Warner Center near Columbus Circle.

 Attractive. I know.  But I can't pass up an opportunity to post a picture about something as awesome as eating a New York hotdog in front of Time Warner.  This happened. To me.  
And... I don't care enough about vanity to exclude it.
We also bought cashews and almonds from the yummiest of all street vendors...Nuts 4 Nuts.  
Warm and sweetened cashews and almonds are amazing. 
Seriously amazing.  
We are supposed to look "nuts" in that picture.
I'm aware that we look more creepy than nuts.
I loved all the doors.
It took an incredible amount of self control to not make my kids pose in front of 
EVERY SINGLE door in New York.

Next time we visit I totally want to visit the Late Show or Jimmy Fallon.
This trip with little kids did not allow for adventures like that.
We still had plenty to do while we were there and we don't feel like our trip 
suffered one iota.

#6- Eat at a Food Network Restaurant-  
We decided to eat at Becco.  Becco is owned by Lidia Bastianich and her son Joe Bastianich
Joe is one of the judges from Master Chef and Lidia has had her own cooking show for years.
 #7- Visit Times Square

#8- See the New Year's Eve Ball- There was an awesome little museum right next to the entrance to our theatre. It's called the Times Square Visitor Center. We spent quite a bit of time in there writing our wishes and reading others.  They were collecting papers all year long that they in turn will use this December 31 during the New Year's Eve Event in Times Square.

 #9- See a musical on Broadway-

 Wicked has got to be my all time favorite musical.  I've had the privilege to see it twice.  Tonight's show was Annie.  I cried.  At the very very beginning.  I got chills all over my body when the orphans opened the show by singing "It's the Hard-Knock Life."  Here I was....sitting in New York.  On Broadway.  With my family.  In New York. (I'm aware I've typed that twice).  
More than amazing. 
I could cry again just thinking about how crazy happy I was in that moment.

#10- Feel New York Nightlife-  This was a difficult request given that we were taking our two kiddos.  I really just wanted to feel the energy of the full streets, the honking taxis, people busy about their business.  It's such a different atmosphere than the quiet starry nights of my mountain home.  It was lovely to feel it, hear it, and experience it.  If I'm being really honest....I adored it, but I adore my mountain quiet too much to ever trade it for this.

 We were really hungry at the end of the show, so we stopped at Pie Face for some yummies.

The kids were troopers the whole day.  
We really had a blessed and safe full day in New York.
Stay tuned for Day Three.

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