Sunday, May 11, 2014

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

Photostory of our Easter break this year...
It was a wonderfully lazy Easter break.
We slept in, played at home, visited with friends, and went on vacation.
Here's how it started...

A week before Easter we hosted a party for some of the little people (and parents)...

I was "egg-cited" to try out some fun Pinterest ideas.
Enter "inspiration":
I spent the day hollowing out the eggs by blowing out the centers.
No need for Botox ladies, just blow the centers of eggs out every now and then
and your lips plump like AnnJolina Jolie.
No lie.

The results:
They totally look like the picture.
I know.
I love them, and somehow they didn't make it home with everyone.
That's okay.
I know what everyone is getting as a birthday gift.

 Getting instructions for the egg hunt.
I must be a pretty intense direction-giver because they look down-right mortified.

 Handing out the prize egg prizes.
And then we had a piƱata...
And that's always full of shrieks and laughter and quite frankly a little trepidation on my part.
Or maybe a lot of trepidation.
Thankfully nobody was hurt and there was plenty of sugar to go around.

 Lots of thanks to Ferg who took all the pictures, and delighted me with a picture of my petunias!
I got these petunias a few years ago from my grandma and they come
 back every year now like weeds!  I love them!!

Then the girls had a slumber party.
That was fun.

For Easter weekend my parents took us on a family trip to Mariposa.
It was one of my all time favorite weekends, ever.
It was so fun to spend time with my brother, his wife, my mom and dad and just relax.
We ate, slept, walked, and spent time together.
Just what we needed.

The historic hotel that we stayed in pictured behind my parents.

We spent a lot of time on this balcony/patio enjoying the humming birds,
wine, cheese, dice games, and laughter.
We went to the gem show at the fairgrounds and Macy learned how to gold pan.
Super fun because of all the stuff she is learning in 4th grade right now about the Gold Rush.

Easter morning, Steve always reads from the kids' bible.
We had such a beautiful morning.
The Easter Bunny found us in Mariposa!
Best Lemon-drops ever at Savory's.
Treasures from "Chocolate Soup"
Thanks mom and dad for a relaxing get-away!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

June 2013 Rewind

June was pretty rad.
....of 2013.
You got confused for a second and then considered posting...hey Joni, how do you know June is rad?
Because it was.
In 2013.
We were out of school at the end of May, so June was a true summer vacay.
We managed to stay busy.
And happy.
And humble.
We'll get to the humble story in two booty shakes...

First: Zach turned 5.
You might remember his amazing super-hero party.

Next: The kids performed with Studio on the Hill Dance Recital at the Mercedes Edwards Theatre in Clovis.  So many talented kids.  It was crazy hot.
Hot that pee running down my leg or just sweat oozing out of my many pores?
I took pics of the studio kids that day and I'm pretty sure I have never felt so exhausted, sore, and out of my ever-loving mind.
I slept for an entire day (if memory serves) or at least I wish I did after that.

Humble Pie.
I was shooting a wedding in Modesto, and I'm totally in my groove.
Bossy pants over here.
You stand like this, turn your head, shoulders back, smile... get it.
I'm bossy.
You have to be a little bossy when you shoot a wedding.
I like efficiency, and I'm a darn good expediter.
I have a plan and I like to stick to it.
Some people call that bossy.
I call that efficient.
So the story goes like this...

I'm literally too big for my bossy britches.
And I posted the story here:

I learned to laugh out loud at myself.
It actually felt pretty good.

i am and i like to dance. a lot.