Sunday, June 15, 2014

zachARRRRRRRy is SIX!!!

Argh mateys, my little ZachARRRRRy turned six this June!

This has been such an incredible year for Z-man.
He started Kindergarten this year and had a great year improving his skills as a reader.
He was honored for both his academics and his character.
Not a big surprise to his biggest fan, mama.
He rocked his baseball season with Bullard Cal Ripken and earned
two game balls during his All-Star debut.
And while he dazzled us with his skills, his achievements, his efforts...
the heart of this kid is what defines his successes.

Zachary does everything with heart.
Not the heart of pride, but out of true enjoyment, to better himself,
and because he really loves life.
THAT makes me proud.

This year, his birthday fell on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. wasn't supposed to be a "party" year for him,
but we had to break the rules and celebrate with family...and friends we consider family.
Our Aunties & Uncles & Cousins & Brothers & Sisters continues to grow
...we are a blessed bunch!!

Thanks to all who helped make ZachARRRRRRRy's 6th birthday a true celebration.



I had so much help with food for this party!
Bobby Salazar's party trays made my life so easy on the last day of school!
My mother-in-law made 7-layer dips and a fruit salad,
and my mom made enough rice and beans to feed Auberry.
Many hands make light work.
This is my Cam. She calls herself "Joni's girl"
She's right.
Look at those fish lips!!

Enjoying cupcakes!
 We have good people.
 Aren't they cute!?
Happy 6th birthday Z-man.
We love you.

i am and I helped make this amazing human.