Monday, July 28, 2014


Zach woke me up this morning ready for breakfast at 6:50.
I was tired.
I stayed up too late last night watching documentaries.
I watched "Escape from Alcatraz" and "Tent City."
A documentary about the infamous Alcatraz breakout, and the other about the homeless population in Nashville.
Totally explains why I fashioned a key out of a baked beans can in my dream to break into my camping trailer.
I startled when I rolled over to find Steve still sleeping next to me.
He's an early riser and gets into work when it's still dark outside.
Alarmingly, I shook him to say "You're late for work!"
Cool as a cucumber, he smiled and said, "Here's your present, I took the day off work!"

I love my quiet mornings with Steve.
To celebrate he's even agreed to blog with me this morning.
Be still my heart...
I love this man.
Here are some fun facts from our wedding day:

Two weeks before the wedding, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Genius plan, of course, to take advantage of being on my parents sweet insurance one last time. The downside, unfortunately, was the "butt breath" (Joni's mostly accurate description). In the weeks leading up to the wedding post-surgery, I was reminded often of just how bad my breath smelled. Like, really smelled. No, really. So naturally I decided I would carry around a little spray can of Binaca on my wedding day (just to be safe). After communion on the bridge but before our big first kiss, the nerves were starting to kick in. My hand was shaking. As I pulled the Binaca from my pocket and sprayed towards my mouth, I missed. Like, shot myself in the side of the face. It's on video. I finally made it...crises averted....butt breath, semi-covered. Kiss memorable.

This is a transcript from our wedding video...I think it's poignant that our Pastor Bill Yaccino knew us so well.

Bill: "It would be interesting if we were going to open up the 'Joni Taylor' book.  We'd see a little girl that resembles the woman standing before us.  I wanna make sure that you don't have an organizer or palm pilot in that bouquet.  That's how God created you.  He made you to be a woman who has her ducks in a row.  You found a good duck.  He's not even a duckling.  The rest of your life, will be spent putting Steve in a row.    {laughter ensues}

Bill continues:  "The story book called 'Steven Lloyd' goes something like this, 'Quiet Giant.'  A man you'd have to look twice at to see 'is that a joke or was he serious?'... A man who is always consistent, and a man that loves the Lord.  And so the two of you have come together, and this union is significant because when God is in a union, it means something....because Joni of the way He has made you, and Steven, the way He has made you.  And the way He has pulled you together into a one-flesh relationship...and that is significant."

This is significant.  For 13 years we have been learning over and over again that we are different and that God has created us the way He wants us to be.  Together we have grown, changed, made good decisions and bad ones.  Through it all we have learned that our union is significant...because God created it to be such.

Thanks for bloggin' with me today Steve.  It was pretty significant.

i am, once a a Lloyd.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

{be still}

You know what's hot other than this Fresno heat?

This man.
Relaxing, drinking strawberry lemonade in the shade.
These are good days.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.
-Ram Dass

Officially hung the hammock today.
Score one for the summer list motivation!

i amand today is a great hammock day.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Leroy Jenkins kinda had to be there to get the title.
It's okay.
Just laugh.

Summertime...and the livin' is easy......
It's also hot.
95 degrees at 9 pm just seems ridiculous to me.
You're ridiculous Leroy Jenkins.

So we invoked the summer list.
Glow in the dark swimming.
Three snaps in a "z" formation for being spontaneous.

Woop woop for friends who are willing to be spontaneous too.
Fingers crossed for kids who might sleep in a bit tomorrow morning.
(well mine probably will)

 Glow in the dark dancing

i amand at least I have chicken.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Turn

Hello my name is Macy. Joni Lane's daughter. You may have heard about me in some of my mom's other posts. But this time it's MY TURN.  Yup, that's right. MY TURN.  Uh huh.  It's a miracle.  She's letting me type the blog this time.

I think my mom wants you to hear me through my eyes.
My voice.
My perspective.
Someday I want to be a writer.
You get to show your creative side.
I look up to Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, And Kate DiCamillo.
I like words and how they use them.

Here are my words and my point of view about my birthday and BFF's.
That's the subject of this story.

Best Friend, definition by Macy:  Someone who you trust.  Someone who is kind.  Someone who makes you smile and laugh.   And I can think of someone who fits all of the definitions.   Since the age of 18 months my best friend has not been into dolls, or dress up, or even princesses.  However, my BFF has been into laughter, sports, wrestling, going to the lake, and food.  We have a lot in common.

I was a good judge of character at the age of 18 months, biting him on the cheek and claiming him as my BFF.  You have probably guessed by now with all of my "him" pronouns that one of my BFF's is a dude, his name is Cole.

Now, I only invite girls to my birthday parties but I feel bad when I don't invite him because he is my BFF too.  The solution to this problem is doing something with Cole that's special.  We've started a tradition that is going to Shaver and eating breakfast or lunch at Bob's Blue Sky Cafe.

This picture was from 2012 when I turned 7.
 This picture was from this year, 2014 when I turned 9.

Someday it will be cool to look back at all of our pictures from our years of breakfasts at Bob's.

i am's daughter. That's  Macy Taylor  to you.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Before I blogged...

Before I ever blogged...I journaled.

Macy is turning 9 on Monday.

It just doesn't seem possible that she's that old. (or me for that matter!)

Here is my very first letter/journal to Macy.

 Clearly, patience has been an issue for me for a long, long time.

Macy, we are so thankful for the way God has crafted you.
Sometimes you make us crazy.
Sometimes you blow our minds with who you are becoming.
You are a true mix of the both of us, with your own special character traits.

You are creative.
You are snuggly.
You love attention.
You are a dancer.
You love words.
You are a scholar.
You are a reader.
You are a dilly-dallier.
You are intuitive.
You are bossy.
You are emotional.
You are eager.
You are kind-hearted.
You are emphatic.
You are a writer.
You are loved, fully.

You are uniquely Macy and your details remind us daily of how lucky we are to be your parents.


i am and i am impatient.

Allow me to debunk your theory...

This morning I posted this on my Instagram and alluded to the fact that I was kid-free today.
Steve took the kids to his parents house for the weekend so that we could shoot a wedding tomorrow. (More on this later)
Here, I started to ponder my day.

What do you do when you are kid-free?
I think about the what-if's a lot of what I would like to do with my time when I'm not accountable to anyone else.
I always imagine my quiet time.
I'll read.
No, I'll sew.
Oh instead I'll work on that project I swore I'd do last year.
I'll watch a movie.
I'll take a nap.
I'll drive myself to Shaver and eat at Bob's by myself and enjoy the quiet.
I'll spend time in the garden.
I'll take another nap.
Have a glass of wine with my lunch.
Take a long bubble bath.
Read some more.
Talk on the phone.
Catch up on some blogs.

I always picture that's what I'll do when I'm having a kid-free day.
But I never do.
Because in their absence I miss them.
Instead I end up looking at the quiet as an opportunity to catch up on chores so that when they get home I can spend my "time" doing the things I really want to do with THEM.

I'll roller skate.
Make ice cream.
Watch a movie.
I'm busting it today so that when I see them, I can enjoy them.

So in case you really thought I was lounging in the hot tub with a beer at noon...
allow me to debunk your theory.

This is what I did:

1. Organized my photo stuff for tomorrow's wedding.
 2. Cleaned Macy's room from her birthday party.
 3. Fixed her hangers and organized her closet.
4. De-birthday-ed my countertops. 

 5. Cleaned the kitchen, did dishes, fed the chickens.
 6. Got caught up on the 4 loads of laundry and put them away.

8. Rewarded my progress with some writing/blogging.

And now, I'm off for a nap.

i am and sometimes the quiet inspires me to be a better mom.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh, you don't say?

Saturday was one of my sweet friend's birthday....Sambo.

She loves treasures like I do.
For her birthday the girls and I snuck her to town to go treasure hunting.
We found some fabulous things!

We started off at Two Sisters in Clovis for their Saturday vendor sale.
We love our visits with Mitch and Lael!
Bari and I went into the store and found what we considered to be a smokin' find.
As we are rolling them out of the store, Mitch stops to talk to us about our finds.

Mitch: Did you just buy that?
Bari: Yes, cool huh?

Mitch: So do you know what that is?
Joni: (contemplating Mitch's tone and big eye-balls)...Oh great it's probably something for slaughtering.

Mitch: You got it! It's a gut bucket!
Joni: (slightly horrified, yet delighted to be right)...Oh, you don't say?  That's awesome. I'm going to use it to put blankets in for my living room.

Joni & Bari: Well, we are gonna rock our gut buckets as furniture in our homes! Yeah!

Here are the other finds from the day that I've already put to great use!

This gorgeous galvanized trough.

And... and old industrial table.

i amand i get smitten over old crap.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Camp S'more Fun!

Macy turns 9 next week, and this year is a party year for her.
{in case I've never explained this before: Zach's birthday is in June, Macy's is July.  Planning two parties every year so close together makes my mama brain hurt.  So, every year they flip flop...this year was a "trip" year for Zach: he gets to help pick a location and we go on a family vacation.  This year we went boating with our friends the Fergusons.  This year is a "party" year for Macy: she picked a camping theme and I ran with it}

We wanted to make a big tent this year as part of our summer list, this seemed like a great opportunity to do so!
Here's our big tent!

When the girls arrived they were greated by Macy.
They had to check in and pick a camper name. 
They saw the run-down of their camp schedule.
 First up, SWIMMING!

{and then steve wanted to play}
....and it broke.
Finally, it was dinner time.
I had some awesome helpers.

With full bellies, it was time for arts & crafts time.
Next on the agenda, SCAVENGER HUNT!
Once their team finished, they had to help another team finish so we could have dessert.
They were quite motivated!

So quick story about dessert first.
A while back I made a S'mores Pie.
It was yummy.
I thought it would be awesome to make individual little pies for the girls.
Steve was helping.
{warning: I'm going to totally throw him under the bus here}
I asked him to check the little pies in the oven while I finished the potato salad.
He checked, said they weren't done so we added 5 more minutes.
Timer goes off.
I check them.
They are so overcooked.
Like break-your-teeth-hard-as-a-rock-dentist-visit kinda over cooked.
I served them anyways.
With cupcakes and s'mores sticks as backup.

They were so hard that they broke most of my candles.
Macy made the s'more sticks.

 And we sang.... and Macy couldn't blow out her candles.
Silly girl.

Next up: Make your own Trail Mix!

Macy has some of the sweetest friends.
She is a lucky girl.
 As the night came to a close, it was present time.

Pretty sure that the tent is going to stay up for a while.
No sense in taking it down just yet!!

i amand today..........I'm tired and I might just take a nap in the "tent."