Wednesday, July 2, 2014

10 things I know about you...

Have I ever told you that Steve is pretty humble?

He is. 
I'm not so much.
I like to brag about him.
He's pretty top notch in my book.
Here are a few things about Steve that you might not have known.
* I totally take credit for being one of the smartest girls I know to marry him. Truly a testament to me * 
What was I saying about humble again?

1. He did 8th grade twice. Not because of his poor academic standing..."oh no Mr. I did long division in 1st grade". He stayed back so he could get "bigger" to play baseball at Bullard for the infamous Coach Noakes.

2. Dude attended Fresno State on a dual scholarship and got "paid" to go to school. (Probably because he did 8th grade twice, right?) He was a Rodman Scholar (now named Smittcamp) and was a Sid Craig School of business scholarship recipient. Smart fella. On top of that he was the Dean's Medalist for the school of business at graduation and had the honor of giving a speech at his department commencement ceremony. I cried. I was so proud.

3. He ran under the slogan "Even Steven" at Fresno State to be the two term Vice President of Finance for Associated Students and takes total credit for starting the "Red Rave" before football games for student involvement. He and his team also helped to pass the school initiative to build the student rec center adjacent to The Savemart Center. 

(Here he is in his ASI office juggling his VP job, school work, and wedding plans. What I really think he's doing is setting his fantasy football lineup)

4. He and some friends once started a football website called "Football Minds." It kinda tanked. 

5. Steve's childhood nickname was Stevie Weebie. I dare you to call him that. He was also called "The Mole Man" for obvious reasons. You can see why I changed his nickname. Hottie Mc Hotpants is so much more fitting.

6. Steve despises olives and mushrooms. Two things I adore on my pizza and he loves me so much he sometimes let's me order it anyways.

7. He also hates celery. He's conviced it tastes like dirt.

8. He knows the words to so many songs. He often knows the title and artist too. One of my most favorite things is when he sings with me in the car. Half the time though I'm singing the wrong thing.
(This weekend he sang every word to "The Distance" by Cake. I'm smitten, still)

9. He's a fantastic softball player. He rocks shortstop and this past week hit a homer to win the game. I think as he ran the bases I did a head nod and a totally smug ummmmm hmmmmm, that's my man cheer.

10. He is such a good daddy. When Steve and I worked in children's church together before we were married I remember how he was with all the kids and me knowing then that someday he would be an amazing father. He's a teacher, friend, and role model. 

Even when there are days that he makes me totally cookoo for cocoa puffs I'm reminded that I'm still the smartest girl I know for picking him. 

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  1. Great list, Joni. I did NOT know those things. You have every right to be proud. Plus, he has good taste (obviously).