Monday, July 28, 2014


Zach woke me up this morning ready for breakfast at 6:50.
I was tired.
I stayed up too late last night watching documentaries.
I watched "Escape from Alcatraz" and "Tent City."
A documentary about the infamous Alcatraz breakout, and the other about the homeless population in Nashville.
Totally explains why I fashioned a key out of a baked beans can in my dream to break into my camping trailer.
I startled when I rolled over to find Steve still sleeping next to me.
He's an early riser and gets into work when it's still dark outside.
Alarmingly, I shook him to say "You're late for work!"
Cool as a cucumber, he smiled and said, "Here's your present, I took the day off work!"

I love my quiet mornings with Steve.
To celebrate he's even agreed to blog with me this morning.
Be still my heart...
I love this man.
Here are some fun facts from our wedding day:

Two weeks before the wedding, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Genius plan, of course, to take advantage of being on my parents sweet insurance one last time. The downside, unfortunately, was the "butt breath" (Joni's mostly accurate description). In the weeks leading up to the wedding post-surgery, I was reminded often of just how bad my breath smelled. Like, really smelled. No, really. So naturally I decided I would carry around a little spray can of Binaca on my wedding day (just to be safe). After communion on the bridge but before our big first kiss, the nerves were starting to kick in. My hand was shaking. As I pulled the Binaca from my pocket and sprayed towards my mouth, I missed. Like, shot myself in the side of the face. It's on video. I finally made it...crises averted....butt breath, semi-covered. Kiss memorable.

This is a transcript from our wedding video...I think it's poignant that our Pastor Bill Yaccino knew us so well.

Bill: "It would be interesting if we were going to open up the 'Joni Taylor' book.  We'd see a little girl that resembles the woman standing before us.  I wanna make sure that you don't have an organizer or palm pilot in that bouquet.  That's how God created you.  He made you to be a woman who has her ducks in a row.  You found a good duck.  He's not even a duckling.  The rest of your life, will be spent putting Steve in a row.    {laughter ensues}

Bill continues:  "The story book called 'Steven Lloyd' goes something like this, 'Quiet Giant.'  A man you'd have to look twice at to see 'is that a joke or was he serious?'... A man who is always consistent, and a man that loves the Lord.  And so the two of you have come together, and this union is significant because when God is in a union, it means something....because Joni of the way He has made you, and Steven, the way He has made you.  And the way He has pulled you together into a one-flesh relationship...and that is significant."

This is significant.  For 13 years we have been learning over and over again that we are different and that God has created us the way He wants us to be.  Together we have grown, changed, made good decisions and bad ones.  Through it all we have learned that our union is significant...because God created it to be such.

Thanks for bloggin' with me today Steve.  It was pretty significant.

i am, once a a Lloyd.

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