Thursday, July 10, 2014


I can't say that I'm a patient person.
Things in life I'm patient about, but as an actual characteristic I don't think anyone would use that word to describe me.
I'm excited about life.
I like to do things.
I like milestones, and I get anxious.

Remember, I'm the girl who is in love with spray paint because it's instant gratification.
Patience and I we like each other, we just aren't BFF's.

When Steve and I were trying to conceive it felt like it took eons.
Once we were ready for a family, I could hardly wait to be pregnant.
It took some time.

Once I found out I was going to be a mommy, every day was a count-down until Macy's arrival.
I couldn't wait to hold her.
Know her.
Count her toes.
Hear her cries.
Would she have Steve's toes?
My winning personality? ;)
I willed her to come early (and she did...2 entire weeks).
She knew how anxious I was.

I remember everyone telling me, "Joni, don't blink.  She'll grow up before your eyes."
I didn't understand.
I mean, those first few colicky months felt like years, and waiting to cut teeth, try rice cereal, babble, walk seemed like milestones that took an extreme amount of time and patience to realize.

The thought of her going to school seemed a lifetime away.
Here we are in July, 9 years later.
Macy's birthday is quickly arriving in a few weeks and she is going to be a 5th grader.
Holy cupcakes batman.

It's so cliche because as I flip through pages of her baby book I am literally stunned at the passage of time and how it just feels like a "blink" ago that she was this little.
My friends and family were right.

So my advice 9 years later to new mama's and daddies out there...
You can blink.
You can.
It's fast, oh yeah. There is NO denying that.
But... if you're going to blink...then make sure you have a camera with a fast shutter.
Document, document, document.
I am so grateful to have kept up on my blog (here and there sometimes)...
But the stories and life reminders that it helps trigger give me and my family so much joy.

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