Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Camp S'more Fun!

Macy turns 9 next week, and this year is a party year for her.
{in case I've never explained this before: Zach's birthday is in June, Macy's is July.  Planning two parties every year so close together makes my mama brain hurt.  So, every year they flip flop...this year was a "trip" year for Zach: he gets to help pick a location and we go on a family vacation.  This year we went boating with our friends the Fergusons.  This year is a "party" year for Macy: she picked a camping theme and I ran with it}

We wanted to make a big tent this year as part of our summer list, this seemed like a great opportunity to do so!
Here's our big tent!

When the girls arrived they were greated by Macy.
They had to check in and pick a camper name. 
They saw the run-down of their camp schedule.
 First up, SWIMMING!

{and then steve wanted to play}
....and it broke.
Finally, it was dinner time.
I had some awesome helpers.

With full bellies, it was time for arts & crafts time.
Next on the agenda, SCAVENGER HUNT!
Once their team finished, they had to help another team finish so we could have dessert.
They were quite motivated!

So quick story about dessert first.
A while back I made a S'mores Pie.
It was yummy.
I thought it would be awesome to make individual little pies for the girls.
Steve was helping.
{warning: I'm going to totally throw him under the bus here}
I asked him to check the little pies in the oven while I finished the potato salad.
He checked, said they weren't done so we added 5 more minutes.
Timer goes off.
I check them.
They are so overcooked.
Like break-your-teeth-hard-as-a-rock-dentist-visit kinda over cooked.
I served them anyways.
With cupcakes and s'mores sticks as backup.

They were so hard that they broke most of my candles.
Macy made the s'more sticks.

 And we sang.... and Macy couldn't blow out her candles.
Silly girl.

Next up: Make your own Trail Mix!

Macy has some of the sweetest friends.
She is a lucky girl.
 As the night came to a close, it was present time.

Pretty sure that the tent is going to stay up for a while.
No sense in taking it down just yet!!

i amand today..........I'm tired and I might just take a nap in the "tent."


  1. What a pleasure (and inspiration!) to watch this party unfold. And to see it through your eyes after the fact is really icing on the cake!

  2. What a beautiful and AWESOME party!!! Dang girl, you know how to do it up RIGHT! Lucky kiddos!!! :D