Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Eagle Strong

We love our little school.
We have wonderful friendships, a strong sense of community, and teachers who are more than just "teachers" to our kiddos.

We are so grateful for the enormous impact that they have on our kids.  Truly, it is enormous.

Mrs. Blesse, thank you for providing an environment of trust and love for Zachary.  He adored your guitar playing, hugs, and guidance.  His heart is so big for you and he loves you in the most sincere way.  Thank you for all you did this year to push him academically. We love you.

Mrs. Corn, thank you for developing a community of readers and allowing Macy to excel at her passions.  You are dynamic, engaging, thoughtful, dedicated and such an example during these times of growth and transition for our babies.  We had such a fantastic year because of all the time and dedication you put in to making our campus and students, Eager Eagles.  We think you rock socks. 

i amand I think educators are exceptionally special.

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