Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Campers

It was looking like taking the trailer for camping this year wasn't going to happen.
That made us sad.
We like to camp.

However, some resourceful friends made our camping trip awesome and easy breezy for us.
Jones and Ferg families...thanks for being awesome-sauce.

Here's a photo story of our relaxing family vacation.

Day One {July 3rd}:
Ashley made delicious pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.
We don't eat your typical pork and beans camping kinda fare.
We go all out and cook community style.
It makes for good eats!
We had rice krispy treats for dessert and watched the Lego Movie.
We were really "roughing" it.

Day Two {July 4th}:

Our mornings were deliciously filled with coffee, cocoa, and Jone's inspired breakfasts.

The Fergs brought up the Viking and took the kids off-road.
Zach was in heaven.
I think he asked to ride the Viking at least 6 times every day.

Ferg testing out the Facebook phenomenon mosquito repellant.
He was feeling pretty protected.

 The girls had so much fun.

 Casen was being a big helper. 
Look at that face!!

We packed sandwiches and went to Shaver Lake to swim and enjoy the fact that we can celebrate our freedom because of the sacrifice of so many.

Macy did NOT want me to take a picture of her darling ringlets. Look at that evil eye!
She really does love me.

We had filet brochettes, baked potatoes, salad, and beans for dinner.
I told you! Good eats!
Brownies and ice cream for dessert.
The kids were wiped from a long day at the lake so it made for an "early" bedtime.
Everyone but my kids that is... because they were freaked out about moths and mosquitos in the trailer. It was comical. Sorta.

Day Three {July 5th}:

We spent the majority of the day at camp napping, playing Blongo (ladder ball), eating, and gearing up for our night outing to Shaver Lake to watch their annual fireworks show.

We spent our early morning at my Grandma's cabin so we could shower and get cleaned up.
It benefited everyone.
Zachary loves Zoey.

The kids set up a Blongo tournament, bracket style.
It was incredibly intense!
The semi-finals came down to two: Macy vs. Zach and Cole vs. Kinley.
The championship game was Macy vs. Cole.
Macy was victorious.
Cole was a gracious sport.

Justice was riveted by watching that in his elation he busted the chair.
 Rudy was keeping track of the Blongo score.

For dinner we bbq'd Key Lime Chicken, Sausages, had salad and pilaf.  Leftover brownies and Rice Krispies for dessert. 
Ashley tending to the BBQ. 
 Luke double-fisting his dessert.
 Macy and her original, longest BFF, Cole.

Van full of eager kids who couldn't wait to see fireworks at Shaver.

 The boys.
Setting up for the fireworks show.

The Fergs (minus Hayley, Cam, & Casen)

Steve caught a pic of Macy and Kinley taking selfies...
This is absolutely going in her wedding montage someday.

The Jones.

I have to say I have never watched the fireworks display in Shaver because I've always heard stories of how long it takes to get out.  Our experience couldn't have been smoother.  It helps when you have connections.  Justice planned out the logistics and made the experience relatively stress-free.  Ferg was genius and hooked us to a buoy.  We basically had a front row seat of the fireworks.
Making the experience even better was the fact that the Marina had kids out at the dock helping you find your space to dock the boat.  It was pretty amazing.
We were back at camp by 11pm.

Day 4 {July 6}:

Last day at camp.
We even had a few sprinkles!
The kids were getting restless so I decided to send them on a scavenger hunt with the prize of a chocolate candy to split.

The girls won.

 The boys were not too happy about that.

So we decided to have a watermelon eating contest.
Please pardon the crazy knife wielding weirdo in the background.

 Cole was determined to win this.

Cole wins!

Macy second place!

Here's that crazy knife guy, again.

Then we went shooting.
It was loud.
I decided to make an eye doctor appointment.

After we packed up and finally made it home, we came home to water issues.
We thought we had a leak, but lucky for us it was just a hose oversight.

i am and I'm a happy camper.

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