Thursday, July 10, 2014

Holy lemon meringue s'mores batman!!!

2014 Summer List in action coming to you right here!
We did it.
Tried 'em out.
Tested the Pinterest "ohhhhhh yummmmm factor" of these bad boys.

You need three amazing ingredients.
1 can of lemon pie filling
1 bag of marshmallows
1 sleeve (or more) of graham crackers.

 Now this part is critical, you need some amazing people to test it out with.
We were in luck.
We know some pretty fly families.
This family puts up with our shenanigans, and for that we are grateful.
They were game to try them out.
(They also had a great fire pit and some rockin' roasting sticks)
So it's pretty straightforward from here:
1. break a graham cracker into a square.
2. plop a spoonful or so onto the square
3. roast your delectable marshmallow to your liking
4. squish it on the graham.
** now here you have some freedom of choice you can either put a hat on that all stereotypical s'more's style.... OR..... can get all gourmet and eat it open-faced.
Go gourmet.
 And then force your friend to take a picture with you because when you are 75 you're gonna be so glad you have a pic with one of your besties.
 {side note: did anyone notice how rad the moon and clouds looked?}

i amand I like lemon drops, lemonade, lemon chicken, lemon shrimp, lemon rice, lemon flavored starbursts, lemon skittles, and now lemon meringue s'mores. Done.

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