Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Food and Wine has this to say about Kibbe:
This seasoned bulgur and lamb paste that is truly Labanon's national dish exists in dozens of forms. Most typically, it is served as part of the meze spread as kibbe nayyeh, a sort of Lebanese steak tartare of raw lamb, drizzled with olive oil. the same paste, layered with a meat-and-pine-nut filling and oven-baked becomes kibbe bi saniyeh (Kibbe in a tray)

Every cook in Lebanon has a different way of making kibbe. Proportions of grain to meat vary from a fifty-fifty blend to one with a far greater amount of bulgur. Among the seasonings, allspice.

My Sito (Grandma) has been preparing Kibbe for our family as a special treat around holidays or "just because."  Whenever we get a call from her that says, "Hey, I'm making kibbe today..."   you try and drop everything you are doing to be there.

Back in the day, kibbe was made with lamb and often eaten raw.
I have never had it that way and don't intend to.

My Sito makes our kibbe with ground beef and we cook it through.
It's my favorite the next day, cold...with a cup of coffee. 
Just like my Sito.

Sito needed some help preparing it this time, so I was delegated to show up and help her make one of her famous family dishes.

i amand I hope I turn out just a little bit like my Sito.

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