Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's get this party started!

Today is July 1.
Check your calendar, I promise it is.
Kinda rocked my world too.
July is wonderful because it represents two of the most amazing times in my life.

First: My anniversary. Steve and I are celebrating 13 years!! Woah!! I know, I look so young.

Second: Macy was born in July and made me a mommy. 

As you can see, July has been good to me.

To celebrate July, 13 years of marriage, Hottie McHotpants, and Macy...I decided to share some throwback memories and pictures every day. (Or at least try my hardest!!)

So here is celebrating day one: 
The moment/s I knew Steve was who I wanted to marry.

Ladies who are you remember that moment? Where you went from could I marry this guy? To I want and NEED to marry this guy? I remember the moment clearly.

Steve and I had been the best of friends before we started dating. Dating was very intentional for us.  We knew we liked each other as friends, so dating became a series of moments where aside from courting we made a pact to consider marriage foremost.

Very early on in our dating (the time stamp is totally wrong on my pictures) Steve went on a series of trips back to back.  (We started dating in May of '99) after falling smitten for each other in Physics at Fresno State.  First, Steve took the trip of a lifetime with his family to Europe.  Upon his arrival home we had a short time together in San Diego during OGN (Operation Good News) missions trip and then he pretty much jet-setted off again right away to El Salvador for another missions trip.

This story is taking forever.
I know.
But it's good.
Hang in there.

Sitting in the airport, waiting to say good-bye (again) to Steve as he headed out, my "moment" happened.  We were praying together sitting in the chairs waiting for him to board holding hands. I remember just as we finished praying I opened my eyes and stared at his hands.
Like a rush I remember thinking, "What will his hands look like in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years???....I have to be the one holding his hands. I'm meant to be the one who sees his hands.  His hands will hold my ring, our babies, our tears, our joys.  I'm going to marry this man.  I'm going to hold his hand forever."  It was a sure moment to me.  I wasn't 1,000% sure he felt the same way, but I was confident that marriage with my name attached to it was his goal...because like I said earlier, we were intentional.
I was giddy.
I was confident.
I had never felt so assured without hearing confirmation from Steve.
I felt a peace knowing God's intention for our relationship.

As soon as I got back home, I recall running into my roommate Carrie's room, jumping on her bed and declaring that I knew.
"I'm going to marry Steven Lloyd," I stated.
To which she calmly, still wiping the "sleep" outta her eyes said, "I know."

I could hardly wait for him to come home from his trip.
To celebrate his arrival home (and that of the team) a few friends and I bought shirts and decorated with puff paint to surprise them.  I know the picture quality is terrible (before digital people!!) but the sentiment rings loud and clear.  The front reads, "Welcome Home" and the back reads "Steven Lloyd."

So after 13 years of marriage and 15 years together, I'm so lucky to be the one who still says, "Welcome Home, Steven Lloyd"

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