Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Movie Night Outside

Remember the Summer List?
We've been enjoying working on it!

This last weekend we checked off for the second time, "Movie Night Outside" with our spontaneous trip to the cabin.

We've converted some of the Ferguson's to dance now when "You Can Call Me Al" comes on.

This guy gets tired of my incessant picture taking.
 The kids slept on the deck and watched "The Nut Job"

 The next morning we went out on the lake and were totally lazy.

 Sandcastles are fun.

Brothers are fun.

 Reading is fun.
 Feeling and watching the sand fall is fun.
 Fishing is fun.

 Throwing it back is fun.
 Hooking yourself is not fun.

Spending the day with this little gem is fun.

i amand for as much as I like schedules, I also love spontaneity.

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  1. Treble hooks are no fun! I dread pulling them out!