Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Turn

Hello my name is Macy. Joni Lane's daughter. You may have heard about me in some of my mom's other posts. But this time it's MY TURN.  Yup, that's right. MY TURN.  Uh huh.  It's a miracle.  She's letting me type the blog this time.

I think my mom wants you to hear me through my eyes.
My voice.
My perspective.
Someday I want to be a writer.
You get to show your creative side.
I look up to Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, And Kate DiCamillo.
I like words and how they use them.

Here are my words and my point of view about my birthday and BFF's.
That's the subject of this story.

Best Friend, definition by Macy:  Someone who you trust.  Someone who is kind.  Someone who makes you smile and laugh.   And I can think of someone who fits all of the definitions.   Since the age of 18 months my best friend has not been into dolls, or dress up, or even princesses.  However, my BFF has been into laughter, sports, wrestling, going to the lake, and food.  We have a lot in common.

I was a good judge of character at the age of 18 months, biting him on the cheek and claiming him as my BFF.  You have probably guessed by now with all of my "him" pronouns that one of my BFF's is a dude, his name is Cole.

Now, I only invite girls to my birthday parties but I feel bad when I don't invite him because he is my BFF too.  The solution to this problem is doing something with Cole that's special.  We've started a tradition that is going to Shaver and eating breakfast or lunch at Bob's Blue Sky Cafe.

This picture was from 2012 when I turned 7.
 This picture was from this year, 2014 when I turned 9.

Someday it will be cool to look back at all of our pictures from our years of breakfasts at Bob's.

i am's daughter. That's  Macy Taylor  to you.

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