Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh, you don't say?

Saturday was one of my sweet friend's birthday....Sambo.

She loves treasures like I do.
For her birthday the girls and I snuck her to town to go treasure hunting.
We found some fabulous things!

We started off at Two Sisters in Clovis for their Saturday vendor sale.
We love our visits with Mitch and Lael!
Bari and I went into the store and found what we considered to be a smokin' find.
As we are rolling them out of the store, Mitch stops to talk to us about our finds.

Mitch: Did you just buy that?
Bari: Yes, cool huh?

Mitch: So do you know what that is?
Joni: (contemplating Mitch's tone and big eye-balls)...Oh great it's probably something for slaughtering.

Mitch: You got it! It's a gut bucket!
Joni: (slightly horrified, yet delighted to be right)...Oh, you don't say?  That's awesome. I'm going to use it to put blankets in for my living room.

Joni & Bari: Well, we are gonna rock our gut buckets as furniture in our homes! Yeah!

Here are the other finds from the day that I've already put to great use!

This gorgeous galvanized trough.

And... and old industrial table.

i amand i get smitten over old crap.

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  1. Love this.............I didnt know about this place, it is def on my radar now. <3 Love the gut Bucket