Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas at the O.L.

....that's the Original Lloyds in case you were wondering.
I'm witty.
(I'm pushing it, I know.)

Christmas morning we started off at home.  Macy originally woke up at 5:30am ready for presents in which we promptly told her to walk her toosh back to bed until at least 6:30am.  She luckily fell back asleep.  We were awoken at just after 8am to a squeal from Zachary..."Santa brought me a BIKE!!"  Then, just like that...we were awake.

Macy had left quite a detailed letter for Santa. Poor guy was 15 minutes late on his route because of the QUESTIONS.

 The kids and I got Steve a Belgium Waffle maker (because he thought our other one made too thin waffles).  We filled our bellies with "Churro" Waffles. Sugar rush and then some.
 Everyone needs an insane amount of whip cream for EACH BITE of waffle.
At least Zach thinks he does.
We packed up the car and headed to town to be with Steve's side of the family.
The O.L.
It was a gorgeous drive down.
See what I mean?

Doris had a beautifully decorated table.  Check out her amazing little Christmas Tree napkins.

Hey there Hotpants. Nice pose.

Opa read the Christmas story from the Bible.

And then Opa said something to effect of, "Who is ready for presents?"
I'm pretty sure Ashlyn jumped 6 feet in the air.
I missed it with my camera, obviously.
Jackson quickly fell in love with his gift.
Certain he would love it already.

Z-man thought he was funny photobombing my pics.

Kristi was born on Christmas Day, at 4:46 pm.
At that time in the afternoon, we celebrate "Kristi-mas"

We were also treated to a FaceTime call from our Canadian counterparts.
It sure gets the kids all excited!


We moved the FaceTime to the TV. That was a hit!

Shortly thereafter, a WWF Lloyd Smackdown occurred.

And then my contact ripped and I spent most of the night winking at everyone and channeling my inner Popeye.  By the end of the evening I had garnered some support for my newly formed pirate gang.
 Of course we had to do a grandkids picture.
They are quite a bunch.

We came home to my glasses, Scully, and freezing temperatures!
What a chilly Christmas night!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all....

I am and I think that I should talk like a pirate more often.

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