Friday, December 26, 2014

Turkey legs and Joni's leg

After 10 years of leg pain, and many diagnosis...
I had an angiogram over the summer that suggested I had Popliteal Vein Entrapment in my right leg.
In non-doctor speak the short of it is that my muscle upon flexing was pinching my popliteal vein and pinching it like a hose resulting in poor blood flow in my leg, therefore creating pain in my calf where I have an old injury.

I was scheduled for surgery in November.
Leg: Before
 Just out of surgery all medded-up.
 I begged for coffee from the moment they would let me have anything.
It was delicious.
 I had some of the sweetest visitors.
I know a lot of people don't like to have visitors in the hospital.
I do. I like people.
My people make me really really happy...and I think that is good medicine.
 Once I got home I had lots of help...especially from my caretakers my mom, dad, and sweet hubby.
I did get a little bored and tried out some pinterest hair do's.
I would like someone with an insane amount of hair like me to do a Pinterest tutorial.
Mine never turn out like the picture.
 My sweets brought me coffee in the morning and were very helpful being my "legs"
 I tried working on some projects from bed.  I was pretty successful.
 Once I could bear some more weight on my leg, I started working on craft projects with the kids over the Thanksgiving break.

 This guy is going to be a great husband someday.  He was so helpful to me and helped me make a fire everyday. 

 One day we got our craft on.
We watched Shark Tale
 And when Steve came home, I got to "direct" him on where to decorate.
I use the word "direct" very loosely.
I'm pretty bossy, and I know it.

 He did a great job!
 My parents hosted Thanksgiving and it was such a relaxing time.
It also happened to be amazingly delicious.
 The kids found a lizard in the house and that was the highlight of Thanksgiving for them!
 Typically Macy would be in fits of shrieks and shudders when encountering a lizard.  Today she decided that they really weren't all that bad and let them crawl all over her.  She's a funny one that Macy.  Glad you can handle it now Lu-lu.

Leg: After

i am and I am Harry Potter's long lost sister.

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