Saturday, February 28, 2015

Father Daughter Dance 2015

Last night Steve and Macy attended the Father Daughter dance.  Going with tradition, we had to have a little photo session and pre-dance warm up.  It's funny to watch them year to year and how Macy's personality has grown and changed.  She was so silly this year, really starting to embrace her quirkiness instead of feeling so embarrassed to let loose.  I always tend to agree with Audrey Hepburn, the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.  When she is silly and happy and joyful to be herself  she is the prettiest little girl I know.

Warming up their dance moves takes serious strategy and planning.

Hottie McHotpants is such a good sport.
She recommends a pose, and he does it.
He's that secure, people.

With serious flair, I might add.
Love this MAN!!

They did MY move.
Batman eyes are MY move.
I can share, I guess.

 This was the finale of sorts, until I decided they needed to learn how to spin and dip.

It was a failed lesson of sorts.
It went from choke-hold moves to some death defying nearly crack-your-head-open moves.

 We tabled that lesson for another day.
Macy was pretty hyper at this point and wanted to take some pictures throwing blossoms.
I obliged and giggled myself silly over her dramatic antics.
She's a riot.

I finally asked, can you just smile in one?  She's such a cheezer.
 And then she decided she should blow them at my camera.

Which was hilarious until she took a big breath in to blow hard on the blossoms and ended up with one in her throat making her gag.
I giggled with fits again.
Good times my beautiful spirited Macy.
You delight this mama's heart with your joy.

I am and I think we can choose a lot of our joy.  Today, I choose to be happy.

January 2015

On New Year's Eve Auberry Builder's Supply said goodbye with a luncheon reception to honor the retirements of my grandma (Sito) and my Uncle Ron.  Many community members came by to chit chat and make some final purchases.  

That evening we celebrated the New Year by ringing it in EARLY (about New York timeish) with the Jones and  Fergs.  The kids had a blast playing and replaying the countdown.  It was a great way to celebrate!

Our kids also decided to play basketball for the first year ever!  They were lucky enough to get drafted on the same team, Purple X.  They had a great year of learning and growing.  They had three awesome high school student coaches who taught them some fundamentals and encouraged them whole-heartedly through the season.  Great job Purple X!

My childhood friend got married and I was honored to take their photos.  It was a gorgeous, family filled wedding in San Francisco.  Thank you Randee and Sean for including me!

We were spontaneous and had sleepovers with best friends.  Waffles in the morning, a little animal jam, and hide and seek make for some awesome memories.

We have really enjoyed being a family that includes three labs.  We feel super lucky to love on these guys.

i amand I think three labs are better than two.