Friday, June 19, 2015

Gazebo Gardens

This post starts off with a serious, heart-felt apology:

I'm so sorry, but I'm gonna get all crazy and a little irrational over
my excited state of the magical-ness of this evening.

And when I say magical-ness I mean in my tummy and with my eyes magical-ness.
I'm all twitter-pated at just the memory already.

I love food.
Love food.
Have I mentioned I love food?
I like to try new foods
(within reason, please don't ask me to try cow's tongue.
I do have a palette. And a visceral reaction to just the word.
So don't try to be cute or funny and try to trick me into trying it.
End rant.)

Back to the magical-ness.

My friends, especially those in the 559,
let me introduce you to......

aka: "magical-ness"

They have EVERYTHING that I would want for my garden.
I felt like I was in Cambria.
If I ever win the lotto, this is sure to be on my list.
 There were varieties of tomatoes that I've never heard of, but am certain to plant next year.
Zachary found a fast friend, the worm.
 I let the kids each pick out a succulent.
I never buy succulents.
Shock to your brain, I know.
 The darling cashier did a math lesson with Macy explaining tax and how the government uses those taxes on things like fixing holes in the road. Real life math.
 And to add wonderfulness to more wonderfulness there are FOOD TRUCKS HERE!
Macy ordered a cheese NY Style Pizza.  Felt like I was in New York.
 Macy liked it.
 Dusty Buns Bistro and I should be on a first name basis I decided.
These sugar snap peas with crunchy garlic dipped in yogurt-garlic dressing=magical-to-the-ness.
 Also from Dusty Buns (see, we are working our way to BFF status) A grilled cheese with strawberries, pears, and wait for it.... BACON. = off the charts.
 And then there was this think-about-it-in-your-dreams-burger.  True story.  I bet you five dollars I will have a dream about this burger.
We offically went into a food coma and my kids started getting into trouble.
Yes. Big trouble.

The magical-ness was starting to vaporize in the heat at a high rate of evaporation because of 9 year old and 7 year old 'tude.
 But Hottie McHotpants over here always keeps his cool and suggested dessert.

We actually ended up with two kinds of ice cream (mint cookies and cream, and pistachio almond.
Not pictured: two pies.
Two pies.
No shame.
Lemon-berry & Strawberry Cream Cheese.

i amand I'm already planning my next kid-free trip so I can spend some time in the beer garden.  Hello date night!

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