Sunday, June 21, 2015

Not just another Sunday...

Nope, today was not just another Sunday.
Thank goodness.
This dad of the house deserves to be celebrated and loved on.

Of all the activities we could have done, and all the outings we could have planned, today Steven wanted a day of rest at home.

Yesterday he attended a Dodgers-Giants game in LA with a good friend,
and today he let me use my love language of food to celebrate him.

I'd say today was pretty successful.

I started with breakfast:
macadamia nut candied bacon, fruit platter, roasted red potatoes, and a fried egg on top of garlic sauteed swiss chard and spinach topped with avocado, tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese.

The kids worked TOGETHER on a project for their dad.  Did ya catch that? Together. I know, it's like a miracle happened.
 Obviously it was for a good cause.

 Yes, we love u dad!

Lunch was a hodge podge of leftovers which was good because I had a seriously yum-o menu planned for dinner.
Roasted Lemon-Pepper Sugar Snap Peas
 Blueberry Salad with red onions, tomato, blue cheese, pistachios, and avocado on top of romaine with a balsamic dressing.
 I've got to say, I picked a perfect cantaloupe.  Perfect.
 I roasted the asparagus and the sugar snap peas in the same tray so they were also lemon pepper asparagus cooked in coconut oil.
 Next time I'll cut the chicken in half so you can actually fit your mouth around it.  It's French Onion oven roasted chicken breast sandwich with spinach.  I had mine on Rye bread because we were out of buns, and it was amazing.  I will probably just serve it with Rye next time.

Even though Steve was at yesterday's Dodger loss, he was pumped to watch them take a major win tonight over the Giants.  10-2.  I'm pretty sure that was their gift to Steve. Thanks Dodgers.  I owe ya one.

i am and I'm grateful I get to do life with this guy.
 Happy Father's Day Hotpants.

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