Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tiny Bubbles...

....make me happy.
....make me feel fine.

Except these weren't tiny bubbles.

Our local library hosts a really fun reading program every year and
they sponsor some fun kid-friendly events to kick it off.

Yesterday from Wild Child Adventures we were treated to an amazingly
informative, scientific, and fun look at "Bubb-ology."
Brandon did a wonderful job combining facts about bubbles, their spherical shape, what makes them pop or not pop and combined it with a fun and playful atmosphere.

Our little town is so lucky to have a county library that puts such effort into making their
programs succeed.

Here is a photo story of the show.

 Before leaving we had to get some books checked out to start our Summer Reading Challenge.  You should too!

i am and i love the library.

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