Friday, July 24, 2015


This day would be special even without all the 5's up in the mix.
My little brother became a daddy.
That's kinda a big deal.
He and his wife Elizabeth make beautiful babies.
Case in point: Sage.
He's gonna be a heartbreaker.

i am and I am one in love auntie.

The Mariposa Tradition Continues

Last year my parents took us to Mariposa to celebrate Easter and we went again this year.  While the weather was drizzly and overcast, we loved the opportunity to smell some rain and spend time together as a family.  We sat and visited, went on walks, explored the area, shopped, ate, and laughed. These are good days.

I am and I'm a big fan of the little shop in Mariposa called, Chocolate Soup.

Grandma Cookie celebrates 94!

My grandma, and the kids great grandma (who has since been renamed Grandma Cookie because this woman can bake some seriously good cookies).... celebrated her 94th birthday in April.  It was a special celebration.

 4 Generations
 Some of her cousins.
 Many of her great grandchildren.....
 4 of her 6 children...
 Her grandchildren's spouses and her niece/nephew....
Her daughters/son-in-law....

i am and I know how blessed I am to have my Grandma Cookie.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lloyd & Lloyd Adventures

We had a great time spending time with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law (kids too) in Pasadena for Memorial Weekend. 
We took in some yummy eats, and wait for it.............
Dodger Baseball.
I know.
You're surprised.

 800 Degree Neapolitan Pizza.

 Blockheads Shavery.
It's shaved ice cream.
So basically the consistency of shaved ice, but creaminess of ice cream.
There are so good combinations.
And not so good combinations.
This is when it pays that Steve isn't quite as "food adventurous" as me.
I of course wanted to try something new.
Steve played it safe.
He won.
Steve tried the loaded brownie.
Macy and Zach had cookies and cream with caramel.
Both were delicious.

 I had green tea, with mochi, red beans, and sweetened condensed milk.
I usually love mochi (like at the fro yo places).
This one got all kinds of awesome reviews on Yelp.
Crazy good reviews.
I wanted to throw up.
As in, I spit it in my napkin in front of people with no shame.
Beats yacking in front of them.
I lose.

Thankfully the shaved ice cream didn't ruin our trip,
and we were still able to make the Dodger game the next day.
 Lloyds take one.
 Lloyds take two.

Yes, I had coffee.

 This kid bugged us for 3 innings for cotton candy.
Tenacious kid.

The next day we headed to Santa Monica to stick our feet in the sand before we headed home.

 Who approved this sign?
Hot Dog Stick.
Technically, that's exactly what it is, right?
When did it get changed to include "on a" ???
These are important questions.

i amand i think mango fruit cups are bomb. As well as the Dodgers, my other Lloyd counterparts, the beach, and coffee.