Thursday, July 23, 2015

Steve and Joni take Chi-town

I never thought I would get a chance to sneak away with Steve on a business trip.
It was just the kind of relaxing, reconnecting getaway that we needed in the midst of our very busy lives.
I'm so glad he asked me to join him.
We had a great time together.

 Airplane Selfies!
 When I was a kid, we visited the "Sears Tower"
It has since been renamed the "Willis Tower"
They were filming an airline safety video while we were there. 
It was pretty interesting.

 For those of you who know know that food and I are really good friends.
I like food.
Especially when it's creative.
Food trucks have never let me down with their creativity.  During our walk I spotted a row of them and I squealed in delight.  I'm so lucky that Steve has adventurous food side every now and then...
He was game. 

 Buffalo Chicken Burger with Blue Cheese Coleslaw.

 This was a Chicago Style Italian Beef
 Our walk was beautiful.

The prettiest building on the block was the Chicago Public Library.
I'm sending them a copy of A Bad Case of Stripes because it was lost from their collection.
So wrong on so many levels.
Instead, I took a picture with my second favorite book, The Empty Pot by Demi.
They had this super creative doll house that is riddled with book references.
It was so smart how they put it together.
I could have looked at it for hours trying to find the book references.
 Two references right here:
Stone Soup
Green Eggs and Ham

See... clever!
 Steve was so awesome and did quite a bit of extra walking for me just so we could take a picture with the Chicago Theatre sign in the background.  It's iconic...had to be done.
 Later that evening we drove to Milwaukee to watch the Brewer's Game.
What a beautiful stadium.

 While in Milwaukee, you have to try their claim to fame foods...
Beer & Cheese Curds.

 It wouldn't be complete without a coffee cup picture from me.
Oh, you know and a custard filled donut.

 It didn't quite look like the picture.
 The next morning Steve had to go to the conference so I spent some time walking around the hotel and reading a new book from my school library.
Finding Serendipity penned by Angelica Banks (who is actually two people if you do your research)
 After Steve finished his conference for the day, we made our way to Wrigley Field to cheer on the Cubbies.  Chicago knows how to do baseball.

I wasn't too sure about having three flavors of popcorn mixed all into one bag.
It was actually amazing!
If you ever have a chance to have Nuts on Clark popcorn, do it.
Say yes.
 I had a "Chicago Dog"
 Steve couldn't pass up the deep dish pizza.
 Chicago also does things really cold, or really hot.
We happened to be REALLY COLD.
I'm not exaggerating. Reallllllly cold.
 Steve was pretty pumped to watch Matt Harvey pitch.
Boy can pitch.

 And just like that, our trip was over and we headed back to O'Hare to head home.

We came home to rain.
That was wonderful.
Being with Steve was wonderful.
I'd like to do it again, soon.

i amand I happen to be smitten over food trucks, books, baseball, and my husband.

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