Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hottie and I have been married for fourteen years.
One. Four.
I like that.

We celebrated our "Animal" anniversary.... or so I thought.

Steve told me that year 14 was commemorated by the theme of "Animal"...

We had "Animal-style" cheeseburgers from In N Out.

We boated at Shaver Lake and took our youngest "animal" lab, Scully to the lake.

So here I sit.
Ready to blog about our anniversary celebration that revolved around the "animal" theme.

I like to be right.
It helps for a position like mine where I'm the librarian/research information specialist at our school.
I feel the need to have proof of such things.

I google "14 Wedding Anniversary Symbols" because I totally want to show off my google skills and my hyperlink skills and have all my friends who are ready to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary prepared with what you are going to do that embodies all things "Animal."

Site one: 14th Anniversary- Ivory and Gold.
Site two: 14th Anniversary- Ivory and Gold.
Site three: 14th Anniversary- Ivory and Gold.

When you told me it was the "animal" anniversary were you pulling my leg?

His response: no.
He claims he googled it too and saw animal.

I google it and see a picture of an elephant.
The text underneath says "ivory."
I'm thinking because ivory is a no-no these days maybe he saw the elephant and just thought...
let's go with that.
THAT works in my favor.
Note to all you researchers out there:
Read the text.
However, if Gold and Ivory aren't your ideal gift options: go with animal.
It's more fun that way.

He swears he read it online.
He has just spent the last few minutes re-googling to prove what he saw.
Animal themed and all.
(in fact he did find it...on one hallmark site)
Notice there is an asterisk by it.

There also might be this little part were we were almost stranded on the lake because the boat wouldn't start, and then it suddenly did and we may or may not have squealed in delight.

I love you Hottie McHotpants.
Thanks for duping me.
It makes for the best 14th wedding anniversary story and it's so your style. 

I amand we totally fixed the boat together.

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