Monday, August 3, 2015

Orioles, Chieftains, and Bears....Oh My!

If I don't remember much about spring time it's because most of our days were spent scurrying from practice to practice, game to game, cheering our lungs out, and washing dirt stains out of white pants.

Springtime was a busy season for the Lloyds.

Zach was in town playing ball and Macy was splitting her time between travel basketball and softball.... we definitley filled up our calendar!  It was such a good experience being part of great coaching.  When we look back on these days, I know my kids will remember how Coach Viki, Coach Jef, and Coach Rob invested in them and made them feel like rock stars.  Thanks coaches for all you do to invest in the lives of little ones.  You are instilling confidence, sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork, coping skills, and trust into our most important treasure.  Thank you. Way to go "TEAM."

I am and I proudly wore black and orange for the first time. Thank goodness it said Orioles.

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