Tuesday, August 4, 2015

San Diego Adventure Day FIVE

Technically our San Diego Adventure on day five only consisted of leaving San Diego and all things ComicCon related and we went straight to the heartland.
Dodger Stadium that is.

Dodgers vs. Brewers

It was so hot.
Hottest Dodger game I've ever been to.
That's saying a lot considering I sit next to Hottie McHotpants himself during the games and he radiates some serious heat on a daily extra hot!!
Why do dingbats have to go to games?
I'm so irritated with grown men AND women who were never taught manners.
Don't get me wrong...I love baseball banter.
Ask any of my dear Giants fan friends.
I think banter is fun, especially when it's witty, on point, and bottom line...respectful.
We can all cheer on whatever team we want, get snarky pants over the opposing team, I'm good with that.
I am not good with utter rudeness and disrespect.
I don't care what team you are cheering for.
So dingbats sitting behind me dissing Braun (who by the way is super talented and also extremely cute and yes I know he snagged the MVP award when it REALLY should have gone to Kemp)
I think your mamas need to wash your mouth out with soap.
You need a lesson in witty because what came out of your mouth was stupid and rude and it made you look like really big a double snakes.
My kids even gave you the stink eye and you continued.
So Dodger fans, I'm talking to you...
Be witty, be on point, learn your stats, learn the game so you can talk the talk.
But do NOT make yourself look stupid with your disrespect.
....drops the microphone.

Yes, that says 1988.
I know.
It's still a ring.

If Steve gets to kiss the Queen, then I get to kiss Tommy.
It's kinda the same thing.

 After the game they invited the kids down to the field to run the bases.
It was a lot like herding cattle.
We may or may not have lost Zach for what felt like forever, and luckily spotted him in time to get his turn running the bases too. 

The bullpen.

 They really didn't want adults running the bases with kids who appeared old enough to run alone, but having just misplaced Zachary moments before Steve told the ushers no, he was running the bases with them.
I was very happy because it was a nerve wracking trying to find them afterwards.
I was glad the kids were with Steve.

I am and I may have forgotten to mention that the Dodgers won that game...but who's counting when you're in first....

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