Monday, August 3, 2015

San Diego Adventure Day FOUR

No ComicCon, no shrieking kids.

We went on a harbor cruise with a very spirited MC who had a lot of information and history about San Diego, the nearby towns, ports, and bridges.

We ate a quick lunch at a food cart before boarding.
I will admit I had serious reservations about doing this and being stuck on a boat with airplane sized bathrooms.  The food was actually really good and treated us just fine.

Later we walked around the harbor to take some iconic pictures.

Some were bigger fails than others.
Take this fail picture for example.
We were going for funny.
It didn't quite turn out like I pictured in my head.
I don't think we'll be on any magazine covers anytime soon.
We walked towards the end of the harbor where the Bad Ass Music Festival was taking place.
The gal singing on stage reminded me more of Raffi.
She didn't seem too bad ass to me.

For dinner we drove for a stretch until we reached Hodad's at Ocean Beach.
The line was long, but it made for some pretty amazing people watching riddled with some eavesdropping.  Hodad's was featured on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives.

Their burgers and even their BLT's are something' special. 
Don't plan on leaving here without a little sauce spilled on your shirt.

It was nearly sunset so we took a speedy walk to the beach to capture the sunset.
One of the restaurants even rang a bell as soon as the sun went down past the horizon.

And just as we were leaving, there was this guy.
Let's talk about this for a second;
everyday, this guy gets up.
I'm thinking he probably stretches, yawns, lets a little gas pass, and thinks to himself, 
"Hey, what should I do today?"
Everyday he comes up with the same cool plan.
He thinks:
(please say this in a beacher dude kinda talk because that's how I picture it in my head)

I'm gonna take my wicked awesome snake down to the beach and wear him around my neck to show off how brave I am and stuff.  And I'll act even cooler as I walk around all nonchalant while I chat it up on my mobile cellular all the while holding my snake like it's no big deal.
And the best part is that there will be these poor unsuspecting women who have a real legit fear of things like heights and snakes and they will turn around and see me and a small part of them will scream inside and die a little and take a picture of how wicked awesome I look. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do today.

Dear snake guy,
I think you are mean.
Not cool dude, not cool.
Two days in a row of full fledged fear.
I'm out.

i am and i'm gonna wake up tomorrow and wear my succulents around my neck for fun.

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